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Do you have any guilty pleasures? I am sure you do, we all do. One of mine is watching Lifetime Movies. I bet I share that with some of you. Did you know you can start a free 7 day trial of The Lifetime Movie Club. You can watch all the commercial free Lifetime movies you want, anytime you want. You will also love that a new movie is posted every day

Lifetime Movie Club

You can watch on many platforms like iPhone, iPad, iPod, Roku Player with additional platforms being added soon.

Speaking of Lifetime Movies I think the most bizarre Lifetime Movie I ever watched was Invisible Child staring Rita Wilson (wife of Tom Hanks). That was just the most crazy movie from start to finish. She really believed she had an invisible child. I would love to know the most bizarre or best movie you have watched on Lifetime. Please share it with me in the comments. Also let me know if you start the 7 day trial and how you like it.

Lifetime Movie Club 1

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