We Had A Howling Good Time At Great Wolf Lodge!

Great Wolf Lodge Collage

If you are looking for a fun filled family getaway, get ready to have a howling good time at Great Wolf Lodge. Located in the scenic Pocono Mountains of  Pennsylvania this resort features a never ending array of activities that will delight parents and kids alike.




From the moment we checked in, we were greeted with smiling, helpful staff who went above and beyond in every way possible to make our stay perfect in every way. The kids were given Wolf Passes upon check in that were able to be redeemed for all kinds of things inside the resort as well as activities like the Ropes Challenge.

GWL 19
GWL 5They had a nice surprise of goodies waiting in our room to welcome us. We appreciate the extra things they did to make us feel welcome.

The water park was very clean and had ample seating around the attractions. There were cabanas that could be rented as well. There is pool side wait staff if you want to order drinks. Unlike other water parks you can bring food and drinks into this water park.  That is very nice, especially if you have a family member with special dietary needs.

The Big Foot Pass was a favorite of my son Ethan as well as my husband. They navigated their way across a pool holding onto cargo nets above or braving it and not holding anything as they jump onto giant floating lily pads. A great way to build dexterity and strength while having fun! Videos for this will be on our YouTube Channel soon.

GWL 61

We spent great family time in Crooked Creek swimming in single or double tubes as well as free swimming. There is a gentle current but don’t be fooled in thinking this is a calm lazy river! You are bound to get soaked by the overflowing buckets that seem to know just when to empty their water onto your head! It is all great fun, even when you get soaked!

Speaking of soaked, Fort Mackenzie is a water tree house with multiple levels of splash-crazy fun! Interactive water toys and kid activated splash features line the way to the Totem Tower Body Slides! Listen for the bell and then take cover if you can because that means the gigantic bucket on top is ready to tip and when it does…you are going to get drenched!


GWL 30


GWL 67

GWL 69

 The Slap Tail Pond Wave Pool is fun for all. A beach like shallow entrance  leading up to a max depth of 5 feet allows you to walk out and play in the waves. The waves roll in and out giving you some calm water time before then next batch of waves comes rolling in.
GWL 22
GWL 21
GWL 23


Our family enjoyed an awesome breakfast buffet with choices of  farm fresh eggs, apple wood smoked bacon, signature wolf waffles, organic yogurts, granolas, made-to-order omelettes, fresh fruits, berries and much more at The Loose Moose Family KitchenSeasonal family lunches roll out lighter fare, and dinners overflow with entrées inspired by world cuisine. Of course no vacation is complete without dessert and they have a simply splendiferous variety of desserts.


On the water park level there is the Hungry Like A Wolf   which is just what we were after staying  until closing at the Water Park. A large pizza and a bottle of ice tea hit the spot! Crowd pleasers like Brooklyn style, hand-stretched pizza, savory Italian and meatball Parmesan sandwiches, garlic cheese bread and freshly made salads fill the menu. You can call ahead and make make meal time a snap with easy pick-up.

Hungry As A Wolf

There is a Starbucks on the 2nd floor and for convenient poolside dining choose Grizzly Jack’s Bar & Grill or Buckets Incredible Cravables. Have a Sweet Tooth? Whether you want fudge, ice cream, cake, cupcakes or cookies, Bear Paw Sweets & Eats is the place!




Bear Paw Sweets

GWL 45


The staff in the stores and attractions are very friendly and helpful. Our kids loved redeeming their wolf pass in the Creation Station where they could choose to make their very own Great Wolf Lodge Character. There are lots of outfits and clothing choices for these critters that really makes creating their new friend super fun!  They were also able to activate a Clubhouse Crew game to play with their new friend and when they helped Sammy Squirrel find her nuts they were able to return to the  for a prize!


GWL 64

GWL 12


GWL 46

We had a full-immersion 4-D thrill ride at the Howlywood XD Theater.  After choosing our movie we were taken to our seats to strap in for a multi-sensory adventure that we will never forget as we traveled along a haunted mine! The motion enhanced chair, glasses and special effects transported us to a totally different dimension.howlywood-1-img9463-800x533

Next we embarked on some dazzling mini golf at the Howl At The Moon Glow Golf indoor course. The kids had a blast putting and swinging along a nature-themed filled challenging course of black light illuminated fun!

GWL 42

For fun with something bigger than a golf ball we headed off to Ten Paw Alley for some exciting bowling fun!

GWL 41

GWL 40

Howlers Peak Ropes Course can elevate your family adventure to a whole new level. When you are ready to come down there is the Raccoon Lagoon Play Park to roast marshmallows or play a giant game of checkers.


The Northern Lights Arcade lets you get your game on in a big way! This  gigantic arcade is filled with fun things to do for kids of all ages. All kinds of driving games, air hockey, basketball and much more provide some game fun for everyone! Our kids were able to redeem some of their tickets for adorable crock charms of the Great Wolf Lodge logo and characters.GWL 35

GWL 33

GWL 34

GWL 32



GWL 47

GWL 51

Our kids were busy with something the entire stay and said it was the best water park resort they have ever been to! They wanted to know if people could live here  and before we left wanted to know when we could come back!

Have you been to Great Wolf Lodge? If you have or are planning a trip please let me know in the comments. If you have any questions, just leave them in the comments and I will answer to the best of my ability! Visit YouTube to see our video compilation of our experience HERE! More Videos will be posted soon. Also check out the videos and photos posted on Instagram.

Stay in the loop with Great Wolf Lodge on their website, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram



Although we were provided with a media trip and sponsored perks my words and views are 100% my own.


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