Don’t Forget The Small Details When Planning Your Wedding

Planning a wedding takes a lot of thought, time and effort. Most times we concern ourselves with the huge decisions like the dress, venue, bridal party, cake, menu, flowers, music and forget the little things that can add a special touch and brand the day our own. Things like personalized wedding napkins may not even cross your wedding planning radar but they should. Small details like this can really show you have coordinated your day down to the smallest detail and they  are a great memory to put in a shadow box or scrapbook to remember your day.

wedding napkins

Wedding napkins are so easy to personalize with graphics and of course your names and wedding date. There are all kinds of napkins in many color tones for beverages, luncheons, dinner and more! It really shows that you thought about everything to celebrate your wedding day. You might be surprised at all the different ways you can design them online.


wedding napkins color


wedding dinner napkins


With wedding season approaching I thought this was a great tidbit to share. Personalized wedding napkins are a great way to add your special touch to make the ordinary truly extraordinary!

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  1. Oh sure, the small details get forgotten all the time and usually when organizing a wedding I have someone to handle the pretty little things and so far since I started this, I haven’t complained as before. Thanks for the reminder!


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