What Do You Think About Juan Martinez’s Book-“Conviction-The Untold Story of Putting Jodi Arias Behind Bars” ?

Did anyone watch Dr. Phil today with Juan Martinez? Juan Martinez is the prosecutor that put murderer, Jodi Arias behind bars for the rest of her life with no chance of parole.  I will admit I am captivated by this trial, I watch it on YouTube and yes, I realize it is over. I am not alone, many are watching the days of the cross-examination of Ms. Arias for the 3rd or 4th time. Many echo my same sentiments about wanting to jump through their screens to wipe that smirk off her face. The woman who self proclaims herself smarter than Einstein is now in Perryville Correctional Facility for the rest of her natural life.


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She showed no remorse through her trials and even used her time at her sentencing to get a last jab at the Alexander family. A fog that she had through the trial suddenly lifted and she needed to let them know Travis was alive when she slit his throat from ear to ear. Pure evil is Ms. Arias who is a phony abuse victim. She claims that her mom using a wooden spoon to spank her was abusive and one of the reasons she should be spared 1st degree murder charges  in the brutal butchering of her ex boyfriend Travis Alexander. She goes on to accuse the deceased Mr. Alexander of abusing her too. She claims that the 29 stab wounds, slitting of his throat and gunshot was done in self-defense.

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The self-defense excuse was not her first choice to explain what happened. That was her third or fourth story regarding his murder. First she denied being there, then it was a home invasion and when that did not add up, Ms. Arias, an abused woman acted in self-defense.  Okay, this woman is a psychotic stalker and this was a totally premeditated murder because she could not take the fact he would not marry her or even take her to his upcoming trip to Cancun with him.

If she could not have him, no one would. She stalked him, slashed his tires, entered his house through a doggie door, followed him on dates, went to the new girlfriend’s house to stalk them and more. She is someone who cannot let go and she was going to have him or she would make sure no one else could.

She had a history of checking her past boyfriend’s social media and email accounts and it just got worse. She is a manipulator and uses sex and flirtation to manipulate any male. She tried it with the investigator on the case, she tried to do it with her defense attorney and reporters, she did it with the jury and reportedly one older man fell for it and fell in love with the killer. She did it most recently with a rapper who has been visiting her in jail, calling her and wrote a song about her that is a disgrace to true victims of domestic violence. That rapper was on the Dr. Phil show today where the disdain for him was so palpable you could cut it with a knife.

jodi arias prison stripes

I am going to be purchasing Mr. Martinez’s book, Conviction, The Untold Story of Putting Jodi Arias Behind Bars. I really have so many questions about how someone smarter than Einstein could forget an SD card in a digital camera that showed her committing the murder. How she a professional photographer could not know anything can be recovered from that and leaving it in a washing machine would not destroy the chip.

The smarter than Einstein murderer who is a narcissist and paints herself a victim is a psychology textbook on just about every kind of psychosis and psychopathic behavior. Her cocky attitude as she played to the jury, mocking Juan Martinez and thinking she was winning them over as her friends is fascinating. Her smirk, smugness and oh that fog and brain scramble that come on at all the right times.

She changed from a blonde, sex crazed bimbo to a mousey, meek, librarian for the trial. Although in the early days when her old boyfriends were testifying she did not let herself look as mousey as she did as the trial went on. How she did not want to be seen in prison stripes and how that is what she wore along with shackles as she was sentenced to natural life in prison.  She talked about the embarrassment of having to wear an orange jump suit and how embarrassing it would be to her family. How when she changed her mind about wanting to be put to death that it was not for her, but to spare her family the pain and suffering.  Well off to purchase Mr. Martinez’s book. I think he was brilliant during the trial and exposed her lack of remorse and lies better than anyone could. Did you watch today? Will you be reading the book? Do let me know.




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2 Responses to What Do You Think About Juan Martinez’s Book-“Conviction-The Untold Story of Putting Jodi Arias Behind Bars” ?

  1. Heather!

    Wow…I will definitely be watching it now! Dr. Phil airs several times a day here, and one of those is a day behind. So I will tune in to see this! Fascinating and infuriating case.

  2. Miranda Welle

    This sounds very intriguing, however, I will most likely not delve into it any further. I prefer to stay with happy, fun, comedy, g-rated materials! Ha. I sleep much better at night that way.

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