How To Give Your Dog A Bath Without Getting A Bath!

I have 3 white dogs, never realized just how crazy that was and no, it was not planned. They are definitely different shapes, sizes and breeds. We have a huge, muscular purebred American Bulldog, a medium West Highland White Terrier and a tiny Maltese. They all have extremely different coat types too. The bulldog has a short, straight coat that sheds. The Westie has a wiry non-shedding coat that does not have an undercoat. The Maltese has a thick double coat of silky non- shedding fur.

delilah laying grass

delilah step sleeping

Living up in the mountains, we  do not have a ready supply of dog groomers, nor do we have any mobile grooming vans. I take care of the grooming. We even put a huge farmhouse sink in our laundry room with an awesome faucet to bathe the two smaller and messier ones. I am very lucky because they like their baths and do not mind at all clipping, scissoring, brushing and combing.


zoey sit

The worst part of the bath is that dreaded shake. You know what I mean, the one that happens just as you are trying to find a towel. The one that leaves you wet from head to toe. Ugh, I hate that, but I have good news. I no longer have to search for the perfect towel. I have the perfect drying towel now and it is so super large and absorbent I can use it on both these hairy beasts and still use it for the bulldog without issue.


Delilah 6


The e-cloth For Pets, Large Drying & Cleaning Towel is so large it absolutely surrounds my Maltese many times over. She loves that part after a bath where I wrap her in the towel and then dry her. By the time I take it off she is nearly dry. The bigger Westie who is always second for baths gets wrapped up after her and the towel still has so much absorption power that her wiry coat is barely damp after I am done. Whether you have one or multiple dogs this towel is a must. It will keep you dry, get your dogs dry and is built to last.

Large Drying Cloth

  • Quickly removes and locks away dirt, mud and bacteria
  • Absorbs twice as much moisture as a conventional towel and dries four times more quickly
  • Soft to touch and encourages pets to cuddle into
  • Guaranteed for 300 machine washes
  • size: 59.1″ x 31.5″


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6 Responses to How To Give Your Dog A Bath Without Getting A Bath!

  1. Sharon Gilbert

    Non-Scratch Scouring Cloth is something I would love!

  2. Iliana R

    I would also love to try the dual action sponge for my car!

  3. Vunda V

    i like the home and travel bed too!

  4. Heather!

    The Car Interior Protector would be great–and it would prevent a lot of arguments about whether or not our dog is going for a car ride! 🙂

  5. Julie Lundstrom

    I like the home & travel bed for dogs.

  6. Melissa J

    I like the pet bowl scrubbers.

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