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You may remember the learning app I told you about in September called Safari Tales by Kuato that helped children learn Reading, Vocabulary and Reasoning Skills through games. I am super excited because Kuato has 2 newly developed pre-school dinosaur apps. These are aimed at younger children and feature cute and colorful dinosaurs from their Dino Tales as well as a Christmas theme. Dino Paint and Dino Flip are the brand new apps.

I recently was able to test and try these apps and I am impressed. My young sons both love them and they keep them very entertained.

kuato dino paint

Dino Paint is an awesome panting App for young children. It lets kids pick their paint colors and brushes to paint 24 assorted Christmas themes. Each picture features adorable baby dinosaurs getting ready to celebrate Christmas with decorations, candy canes, Christmas trees and ornaments. There are even 4 blank pages so kids can use their imagination and creativity to design their own, unique masterpiece.  The designs can be painted and erased over and over. Masterpieces you want to save can be stored on you camera roll so you and your child can look at them any time. Dino Paint is a great game for all little Dino fans and is a great way to get in the holiday spirit. Dino Paint is only $.99 and there is never any in App purposes or advertising so games are safe for your kids to play.

Kuato dino flip

Dino Flip is a FREE APP and is Kuato’s  way of saying “thank you” to all the fans of their Tales games. In this memory matching game kids will try to get matching baby dino pairs. There are 4 board sizes, as the boards get larger so do the challenges. Kids turn over 2 cards to find the matching pair. The game aids in memory and recall and visual spacial awareness. Dino Flip features Kuato’s adorable dinosaurs in a Christmas theme. Dino Flip will be free throughout December as a Christmas present to all of Kuato’s fans. Again there are no in-App purchases or advertising so your child can play safely.

kuato dino flip


Let me know what you think if you give them a try.



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