Spice It Up In December With The 12 Days of Passion

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As we head straight into the “Most Wonderful Time of the Year” it can often feel like the most stressful time of the year. Most of us already lead incredibly busy lives so throwing the holidays and all the expectations they bring on our already overflowing plate can seem like a recipe for disaster. I think stress is something most would say definitely rises during the holiday season.


The holidays seem to exacerbate so many issues for couples like family tensions, finances, and not having time together. This can all lead to arguments and hurt feelings. I think it is best to get an action plan and go on the offense before we make the most wonderful time of the year feel like the most horrible time of the year.


Couples tend to put their relationships on the back burner this time of year. It is so important to remember that you and your partner need to make time for each other. You might think that while that sounds nice it’s just not possible when you have so much to do.  You can barely get through each day as it is and you only sleep 4-5 hours.

Well, time to make a plan. Everyone has the same 24 hours. Your relationship matters and fighting and arguing can zap your energy. So make some small changes and see how you feel.  Commit to 12 days of passion with your partner this holiday season.

Sit down with your partner over dinner or coffee and dessert and get out your calendars. Calendar in 12 special times for you and him alone. They don’t have to be elaborate and they don’t have to cost a lot of money either. Just get out your calendars and take a look at some of the suggestions below and you can add your own.

  1. Notes of Passion– Pick a day and agree to leave each other passionate notes throughout the day. Of course you can include texts, but mix it up. It would be fun to stick a note for him to find in his briefcase or coat pocket as well. Speak from the heart and let your partner know why you are thankful he is your soulmate. Just doing this throughout the day can brighten both your spirits and make you feel adored.

2. Unplugged Game Nightfor just the two of you- Family game nights are nice, but this is just for you and your partner. Pick a favorite game and spend the time together when the kids are in bed to play together. You can make a favorite dessert, hot cider or cocoa to serve while you play and extra points  for playing in front of a cozy fire.

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3. Dinner and a Movie– Always a great one, and it does not mean going out. Chances are you have a DVD you still have not had the time to watch and cooking even the simplest dinner together can be fun. Don’t make it hard, even homemade pizza with your favorite toppings works. Heck, even frozen pizza will work, it is about the two of you spending quality time together. It does not have to be expensive or mean slaving over a hot stove all day. Use fun printables and of course some movie theater candy and popcorn containers make it super fun!

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4. Couples Massage– I was in Walmart recently and I saw K-Y® TOUCH®. K-Y® TOUCH® is a product that is a 2 in 1 Massage Creme and Pleasure Gel that can be found down the Family Planning aisle. What better way to work out that stress than from a loving massage from your life partner? This cream feels like soft cashmere and creates a feeling like warm cashmere wherever you massage it into. It is touch activated and will have you slowing down together to enjoy the splendor of the feelings it evokes as you lovingly massage one another. Trust me you will not need board games after this to pass your time.

5. Couples PlaylistYou and your partner each put together 6 songs that remind you of each other, your relationship or the love you share. Then get together and listen to them. It is amazing the feelings that music can stir up.

6.How Do I Love TheeWrite down 6 things about your partner that you love and cherish and then read them aloud to each other. Too many times we don’t feel appreciated or adored. This will give you the time not to remind each other of your shortcomings as we so often do in our day to day lives but to celebrate what you love about each other.

7.Make Something Special For Each Other– Don’t worry if you are not crafty, it could be a coupon book for special things, a poem, a song if you are musically gifted, etc. Just make something from your heart and share an early gift with the one you love.

8. Take A Walk TogetherEven a short one holding hands and unplugged. Just spend some time in nature and with each other, you will be surprised how good you feel when you take the time to connect with nature and each other.

9. Sweets For Your SweetheartPick out a special dessert recipe you have never made and make it together. Taking the time to find something you both think is pure decadence and then making it together may turn out just as sweet as the end result.

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10. Share A Favorite Holiday Movie TogetherPick a holiday classic you both love and watch it together. Add cocoa and cookies for extra points.

11. Help Each Other– Help your partner with one of the chores they need to do. Maybe he helps you to wrap presents or you help him paint the guest room.  Just pick something that either of you would normally do alone and help the other with it. An extra set of hands makes the load lighter and brings you together doing something that is necessary.

12. Sit Back And Just TalkMaybe in front of the tree in the quiet evening over some coffee or cocoa, take the time to just talk about what is on your mind. This is a time to connect with conversation and really communicate. You never know what you might learn or where it might lead.

Do you have any special ways that you want to share about how you keep your relationship paramount during the holiday season? If so, please share in the comments, I would love to read your ideas.


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