Best Housewarming Gift Ideas to Make You the Best Guest in the Party

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Attending housewarming parties is always fun and exciting. You share the excitement of the family, couple, or perhaps a single person (who is most likely rich for buying a house for himself). It is a joyous celebration! And you surely do not want to come empty-handed. It just does not feel right even though the couple might probably include in the invitation that no gifts needed. You know that’s just being polite. In reality, they would love to receive gifts, especially good ones. Well, do not be blinded by the word good. Good does not necessarily mean expensive. So there is no need to panic or worry. house post 2


Here are some best housewarming gift ideas that will make you the best guest at the party.

  1. Customized welcome mat – living in a new home can be surreal. And often, house owners feel very sentimental and particular. They want everything to be meaningful and special. Giving them a customized welcome mat will surely be a great idea. Make sure to include something that will represent the family or probably their names on it.
  2. Custom address stamp – couples or new house owners usually send out tons of thank you notes or cards to inform people of their new address. A custom address stamp will be very helpful for them. Also, it’s just too cute! They’ll love it without a doubt.
  3. Personalized cutting board – it is common to give kitchenware or appliances for housewarming parties however, if you want to be remembered, make sure to come up with unique idea. How about a personalized cutting board? Include a humorous message that will remind them of you. Most moms who love to cook are particular about cutting boards – so this is a winning idea indeed.
  4. Fire extinguisher – make sure to extend your care for their new home. Giving them a fire extinguisher will help them prepare for emergency cases. This is a very important thing but most house owners tend to overlook its importance. So be the one to remind them how important it is to have fire extinguisher in the house.
  5. Customized Christmas ornament – Christmas holiday is just around the corner. Come up with a customized Christmas ornament that they can display on their new house.
  6. Scented candles – they surely want to keep the house smelling fresh and fragrant all the time. Giving scented candles will be good gift idea to keep their house a comfortable haven.
  7. Cookbook – for newly married couple, a cookbook gift will be nice. It will assist the wife to cook delicious foods for the husband and the entire family. Make sure to choose a really good cookbook. If you have personal recipes you want to share then you should compile everything and come up with a personalized cookbook.


The hosts of the party will definitely love these gifts. They will definitely think that they made the right choice inviting you to the housewarming party.

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  1. I agree with these ideas. My favorite though is the customized cutting board. I always give this away for special occasions. It’s practical and yet it lasts for years.

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