What You Need To Know When Shopping For A Swing Set.

I believe in buying quality especially when it comes to things that we will be using for a long time. If you go cheap on things like that, you will just end up replacing them many times over and it will cost you more in the long run. When shopping for a swingset you may be enticed by super low prices. However, take a look at what you are really getting. Will the structure grow with your child? Sure they may be toddlers now but they won’t be for long and you want a set that will grow with them. Can it support adults. It certainly should so you can get in on the fun and help your child navigate some of the structures.

When we were shopping for a swing set 6 years ago our kids were super little. one was not even 2 months old when I started shopping for the set. I scoured everything I could find, looking for the best materials, quality construction, adaptability, large number of activities and play areas. I spent a many weeks of painstaking research. I knew we wanted  100% cedar construction, a climbing wall, swings, clubhouses, slides, monkey bars, horse glider swing, picnic table, tire swing and a quality construction that would stand up to cold winters and allow adults to play too. I found what I was looking for at Eastern Jungle Gym. I even hit a spectacular sale that made the set I purchased a tremendous value for the money. I am not saying it was cheap, but when I tell you 6 years later that our set is still going strong and still something our kids play on daily, we are definitely getting more than our money’s worth out of it.

We chose the Fantasy wooden swing set which  is the most popular of their Multi-Deck Series. Two of the clubhouses are covered with canopies. The third clubhouse takes the place of a walkway and acts as an uncovered bridge between the two. Beneath the two higher clubhouses the kids will discover a set of double-wide monkey bars, large enough to not interfere with the nearby tire swing.


We started big with our set but one of the things I love about Eastern Jungle Gym is their sets are able to be expanded with new accessories. This way, no matter what size set you have, you can add additional features or structures to expand your child’s play options.  They also have replacement tarps and accessories so you can easily renew your set as needed.  After 6 years and two active boys our set is going strong. The only things showing any wear were the 2 clubhouse tarps and it needs some  touch up on the wood stain. We also wanted a few extra rock grips for the climbing wall as our 6-year-old was needing some that were closer and filled in a few large gaps.  I called Eastern Jungle Gym and spoke to Ashley who was so pleasant and helpful. I explained what I wanted and she directed me to what I needed. We even discussed color options for the tarps to really change the look. In the end we decided on the green and yellow striped tarps and 8 extra rock grips for the rock wall. Next year we plan to get the stain to touch up the set since we were moving into colder weather, we will take care of that in the spring. Easter Jungle Gym graciously provided the tarps and rock grips and had them shipped out promptly to us.

My husband was able to easily change out the tarps and add the rock grips.

swing set 1

swing set 2

swing set 4

swing set 5

swing set



swing set 3

swing set 2 2

swing set set 2 2


swing set 2


swing set 6

swing set after


So next spring we plan to power wash all the wood and re-stain and we should be all good to go for more years of fun!!! Eastern Jungle Gym is having a HUGE SALE Now!  Check out their website where prices are slashed to move out their current inventory. You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.


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