Talk Like Charlie Brown’s Teacher with the Wah Wah Machine! #PeanutsMovie

What Peanuts Fan does not remember that voice of Charlie Brown’s Teacher-Miss Othmar?
“Wah wah wa waaah wa wah. Wah wa waa wah wah!” 

With the debut of  THE PEANUTS MOVIE just days away, Blue Sky Studios and 20th Century Fox have debuted The Wah Wah Machine! The famous “wah wah” voice of Miss Othmar, beloved teacher of the Peanuts gang, is now just a click away. Simply type your message into The Wah Wah Machine and Miss Othmar (voiced by Trombone Shorty in the film and the machine) will say it for you in her famous, musical voice. You can even share your Wah Wah message with you friends on Twitter and Facebook. Learn more about the story of Wah Wah Here!
Ready to try out the Wah Wah Machine for yourself? You can right HERE!
wah wah machine  Mommy Ramblings
Mark your calendar for:
THE PEANUTS MOVIE wah waaah wah wa November 6, 2015!
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