Amazon Deals That Make You Say…WTH?

Things That make me say WOW!  Decisions, Decisions…some are hard and some are like this:



melissa and doug 1



Not a bad deal and not an add on right? Might want to get a few at that price. Let me check the price on 2.


melissa and doug


I don’t care what kind of math you are doing, you would have to be smoking something to think that is a good deal.  Stuff like this never ceases to amaze me. I see it all the time at Walmart too. Where you spend more buying multi packs of products. Chobani Yogurt I can buy individually and hand pick each flavor or buy the multi pack and spend more for 2 flavors. Really makes you wonder who is in charge of this pricing.  So have you seen any funny ones lately?  Would love to hear. Just leave me what you found in the comments.


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