The Importance Of Healthy Bones

Healthy Bones

Your bone health is something that may not be discussed as often as your skin health, or the health of your overall body, but it is a vital component of an active and healthy lifestyle nonetheless. A key component of healthy bones is calcium, as calcium is the component that works to ensure that your bones are strong and dense.

Calcium is a mineral and is something that is found in a wide variety of foods. The body uses calcium for many things; one of the most prevalent though is the maintenance of strong bones and teeth – as well as many other functions. The calcium in the body is stored almost exclusively in the bones and teeth, and the role of calcium is to support the strength, structure and hardness of these elements of the body.

Calcium isn’t just used for bones and teeth though, calcium is used for muscles and to help nerves to send messages between the brain and other parts of the body. Calcium is also used to help blood vessels to move around the body and to release hormones and enzymes that play a role in many of the vital functions of the human body. If you’re concerned about your levels of calcium and are eating a balanced diet, it’s worth considering something like Algaecal osteoporosis supplements which can play a vital role in bolstering your body’s calcium levels and ensuring that you’re not depleting the calcium found in your bones and teeth.

Bone health is important throughout your life, and the amount of calcium that you needs depends on your age. The average daily recommended amounts for healthy bones is outlined below in milligrams:


Life Stage Recommended Amount
Birth-6 months 200 mg
Infants 7-12 months 260 mg
Children 1-3 years 700 mg
Children 4-8 years 1,000 mg
Children 9-13 years 1,300 mg
Teens 14-18 years 1,300 mg
Adults 19-50 years 1,000 mg
Adult Men 51-70 years 1,000 mg
Adult Women 51-70 years 1,200 mg
Adults 71 years and older 1,200 mg
Pregnant and breastfeeding teens 1,300 mg
Pregnant and breastfeeding adults 1,000 mg

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You can boost your bone health by eating a diet that is rich in calcium and you’ll find that you’re working to protect yourself in the future, as strong bones are a great indicator of your bone health in the future. You will find calcium in a variety of foods including the following:

  • Dairy products. Anything dairy is going to be a great source of calcium for your body, but it’s important to note that many people are lactose intolerant or unable or choose not to eat dairy products. In this instance there are a variety of calcium-enhanced foods that you can consume, including non-dairy milks and non-dairy products. Check the labels on your favourite foods and speak to your healthcare professional if you’re concerned about your calcium intake.
  • Leafy green vegetables are a great source of calcium and working to make sure that your diet includes a range of these kinds of vegetables will ensure that you’re reaching your calcium targets with a diverse diet.
  • Fish with soft bones are a great source of calcium for your diet, so ensure that you’re mixing things up occasionally with some sardines or salmon with bones in it.

Bone health, as we’ve discussed is a huge and key part of your quality of life. Working to ensure that you’re taking in a variety of calcium-rich foods from diverse sources is going to put you in a good position for having healthy bones both now and in the future as you age. A supplement is a great way to ensure that you’re meeting your target, so be sure to investigate this with your healthcare professional if you’re concerned about your intake. If you are a runner, you might want to do some additional reading about the best protein bars for runners.

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