Doctors That Make House Calls? It’s True, Get A Free Doctor On Demand Visit!


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Too busy to go to the doctor? We all are these days. Do you long for the days when doctors made house calls? Would you like the doctor to come to you instead of having to drag your sick, cranky child out?  I have good news! Doctor On Demand provides just that. See the doctor without leaving your house! You can even do it for FREE!

At Doctor On Demand  you can have Video Visits with Board-Certified Physicians and Licensed Psychologists via your smartphone, tablet or computer at any time of day!

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Doctor On Demand provides fast, easy and cost-effective access to some of the best health care providers in the country. These health care professionals are carefully screened and trained to conduct Video Visits with patients. There are even Lactation Consultants who provide invaluable support to moms during the critical first few months of their babies’ lives.

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My Experience:

You should know I would not recommend something I have not tried. Let me tell you about my experience using Doctor On Demand for the first time.  Whether you are downloading the free app on your smartphone or tablet or creating an account from your computer or laptop, the process is simple. I registered and created an account from my laptop in about a minute.

Yesterday was busy, first day of school, busy day working from home after the holiday weekend, so the last thing I wanted to do was take time out driving to the doctor. With Doctor On Demand I did not even have to leave my desk. I scheduled an appointment for that afternoon. I could have been seen immediately if I wanted. I had tons of times to choose from!

When I scheduled my appointment it asked for some very basic information for  the doctor about why I wanted to see them. Providing specific information gives the doctors as much background into the issue before your appointment.  Then you will test your video, speakers and microphone.

When your appointment time arrives, you have a pop up that tells you the doctor is ready to see you. They are on time! You then accept and your Video Visit begins. I saw a very nice, personable, female physician who took her time, didn’t rush me and made me feel at ease. At the end of our appointment she said I could add her to my favorite physicians and follow-up with her if I liked. I really liked that you can see the same doctor.

The doctors can even call in scripts if needed to your pharmacy.  Check Out Doctor On Demand  on Facebook and Twitter.

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Get Your Free Doctor On Demand Visit:

Okay like I said at the start, you can see the doctor for FREE! With Back-To-School season in full swing, chances are you need to! Common Back-To-School issues treated are colds, coughs, sore throat, flu, skin rashes, pink eye, intestinal issues, vomiting and more! To get your FREE Visit just go to Doctor On Demand and enter the code RAMBLINGS15 to redeem your free Video Visit with a physician, psychologist or lactation consultant!

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Please let me know how your appointment went and what you think about this new way to see the doctor. I would love for you to share your experiences in the comments.


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4 Responses to Doctors That Make House Calls? It’s True, Get A Free Doctor On Demand Visit!

  1. Patricia Delgado

    This is very advanced and shows that we have come such a long way both in the medical industry and in the technological aspect of life. Very cool.

  2. Julie Lundstrom

    I love this idea. It’s like a doctor doing house calls which was always so neat for someone sick then to go in and sit there waiting to see a doctor.

  3. Melissa J

    This is a wonderful idea. It will eliminate contaminating each other in the waiting room.

  4. Birdiebee

    This is a very interesting way to see a doctor. I would love to do this to by-pass certain Dr. appts.

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