Hate Unsolicited Parenting Advice? We Have The Answer! #ParentOn *Giveaway*

parent On Tommee TippeeDo you ever get unsolicited parenting advice?  Are some of the people who offer this advice so freely and with complete confidence not even parents? It does seem like people without children think of themselves as parenting experts? I think every parent has been on the receiving end of this “expert” advice at one time or another. You know what I mean, the ones that tell you their kids will never do this or that.  Their kids will never interrupt, never cry, never wake up in the middle of the night, never have a tantrum, never get sick and ruin their plans and more. In fact their kids won’t even cause one ripple in their lifestyle!

Then you have the older, experienced parents who want to let you know that they have been there and done that. They want to tell you what it was like in their day. In there day…children were seen and not heard, had respect, ate what was in front of them, listened the first time, knew their place, were not spoiled, would never have a tantrum in the store, did not need car seats or fancy toys, were happy playing with a stick in the dirt.

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If you have received unsolicited parenting advice from friends, strangers, parents, grandparents, coworkers or anyone else that wants to point out your child is too big to have that bottle, should not be using a sippy cup, should go to bed without crying, should eat everything on his plate, should be potty trained, should not still have a pacifier and more you probably feel like exploding.

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It can be hard to stay in control when what you want to say is, “Who Asked You?” There is a much better way to handle their advice. Just #ParentOn and ignore the unsolicited advice, trust your instincts and embrace all of the perfectly imperfect parenting moments you will have as your children grow. Sure you will make mistakes, we all do! I will let you in on a little secret-the so-called parenting experts will be making mistakes too when they finally have kids.

We all have had that unsolicited advice and one of my favorites is when I was told my daughter should be potty trained at 12 months old! That was a great one! What is your memorable #ParentOn moment? I would love if you would share it in the comments.

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    I like the first sip transition cups and the pacifiers.

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    12m+ Sportee Bottle!!! all very cute.

  7. alexis janiszewski

    12m+ Sportee Bottle. all very cute

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    air style pacifier

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