DIY Storage Made From 2 by 4’s To Hold Our Sadness & Anger-#InsideOutEmotions

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diy storage bin from 2 by 4'sI think one of the biggest things we underestimate before we are parents, is the amount of “stuff” kids seem to need. From the nursery through childhood it seems that the “stuff” multiplies before our eyes. The gear, toys, clothing and more that seem to fill every corner of our home can sometimes seem overwhelming.

Finding a way to corral all the stuff seems to be a never-ending battle.  I find the hardest part is the balance between functional and aesthetically pleasing. Plastic bins and totes always look messy and like we are packing all the time.  They are good for putting things away in the basement or attic but not as long-term storage solutions.

Recently I was in Walmart and saw the display of plush characters from the new Disney Pixar movie Inside Out. If you are not aware of the movie, the characters represent the feelings and emotions we all carry inside. The 5 personified emotions in the movie are also plush characters called  Sadness, Anger, Joy, Fear and Disgust. I picked up Sadness and Anger and I have to admit it gave me more than a chuckle to say, “I went to Walmart and left with Sadness and Anger.”

disney pixar inside out  Collage


I think the characters are great and are a super springboard for kids to talk about their emotions with themselves, their parents, teachers or therapists. I frankly think they are even a good way for anyone to discuss their feelings. I was talking about it with some good friends and coworkers earlier today. We all thought if there should be a bin full of these plush emotions in every office.  Then everyone could take what they were feeling out and sit down at a conference table to discuss and hash out some tension.

The characters are huggable and soft but I could not help while holding sadness to think it could be said I had to let my sadness go. The same could be said of anger or fear. It was very humorous but  I think for children it is a very good way to discuss feelings and emotions in a constructive way.  I know my children enjoyed holding the plush characters and talking about the emotions and how they felt. Even very young children who cannot fully articulate or express their emotions would benefit engaging with the characters because it would be a very visual representation of their feelings.

Back to storage, now that 2 new plush characters have moved home with us, and I am sure the other 3 will soon  follow, I wanted to find a way to contain our emotions.  Sorry I could not resist that! I needed to find a storage solution that was good for all of my kid’s plush toys.

I found some plans on-line that looked really cool.  They were storage boxes made from 2 by 4s that were sturdy, had wheels and a handle.  The boxes would not be outgrown and literally could follow your child to college and beyond. I thought that the 2 by 4’s could be stained or painted and immediately got my husband involved.  s

We went out and bought ten 2 by 4’s, screws, pulls and casters.  We had wood glue and our tools so we headed home.  I stained the 2 by 4’s with a green water based stain. You will need to have a saw, drill, 4″ screws if you are not using a Kreg Jig and if you are you will need 2.5″ self tapping screws, wood filler, wood glue, 8 casters and 2 pulls. You will need to get six 10′ 2 by 4’s and two 8′ 2 by 4’s.

inside out Inside OUt 2 - Copy

Inside Out 3 - Copy

Inside OUt 4 - Copy

Inside Out 5 - Copy

Inside Out 6 - Copy

After the wood was stained and dry, it was time to make all the cuts we needed for the 2 boxes. We needed to cut the 2 by 4’s into the following lengths:

  • 8-16″ for legs
  • 12-14″ front/back
  • 12-18″ sides
  • 12-21″ bottom

Inside Out 7 - Copy

Inside Out 8 - Copy

Inside Out 10 - Copy

Inside OUt 11 - Copy

With all the pieces cut, we needed to assemble the boxes. You could use 4 inches screws to go through the 2 by 4’s or a Kreg Jig which makes it possible to screw through pocket holes.  The advantage of the Kreg Jig is that the screws are concealed and it creates the strongest joint. We chose to use the Kreg Jig to secure our boxes.

Inside Out Jig

Inside Out Jig 1

Inside out  jig 7 - Copy

Inside OUt Jig 2

Inside Out Jig 5

Inside out jig 4

INside OUt  8 - Copy


We used wood glue and screws to attach the pieces.

Inside OUt 18 - Copy

Inside Out 20 - Copy




Inside out 21 - Copy

Inside Out 22 - Copy

Inside Out 24 - Copy

Inside OUt 16 - Copy

Inside Out 23 - Copy

Inside Out 26


After all the sides are built and assembled you are ready to build the bottom.  Take the 6 pieces and glue and screw to secure.

Inside OUt 28

Inside OUt 27

Inside OUt 29


Attach the caster wheels. We are changing these wheels to something more heavy duty since the boxes can hold so much weight, we want stronger than a 50 lb limit on them. You never know what our son will put in these boxes in the future.

Inside out 30

Then I touched up all the stain.  I am going to put 2 coats of poly on but did not have the time yet.

Inside out 32

I will update when I have coated them with poly and when  we have the second box built and finished.  We are going to move them to the bottom of our son’s closet. He has a large closet with double doors and these 2 boxes are going on the bottom and will fit very nicely. We added the handle and then filled with some plush friends including Anger and Sadness.

Inside OUt 33

Inside Out Anger Sadness

Inside out 36

Inside OUt 35


So now we have a box to put our Anger and Sadness in and I know that soon we will be putting Joy, Fear and Disgust in too. Have you see Inside Out?  Let me know if you did and how you liked it.  If you decide to make these storage boxes let me know how they turn out, or if you have any questions. I hope you do, then you can contain your emotions too!




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  1. I love the green stain! I need to either get a new, handy husband, or learn to do stuff like this myself. haha! 🙂 #client
    Summer Davis recently posted…Disney Baby No-Sew Baby BlanketMy Profile

    • Yeah, I love the green stain too! I cannot wait to make some more and I think it will be neat to have them in other primary color stains for the playroom.

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