The Easy Way To Keep Your Smartphone Secure & Accessible In The Car

I have a great universal car mount for your smartphone to share with you.  You can use the K2R Universal Car Mount in the car or even on your kitchen counter.  The adjustable sides ratchet closed to hold your phone securely.  Holder rotates 360 degrees to hold your phone in all kinds of angles for portrait or landscape viewing.

K2R Universal Car Mount

Out of the package it’s super easy to just connect the 2 pieces and tighten with the lock nut.  Next remove the protective film from the bottom, place on a clean, flat surface and push down on the lever lock to secure.  You will not be able to budge the holder.  When you are ready to release you push up on the lever and pull the little strip on the back and the holder will release, leaving no damage to your surface.

K2R Smart Phone Car Mount

K2R Cell Phone Mount

K2R IPhone 6 Mount

K2R Cell Phone Holder Mount Car Holder Vlog


We tested this mount on the counter at home and in the car and were very impressed with the secure seal and all the viewing angles.  You can see our video review to see it in action.  Please let us know what you think.



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