Our School Knows Everything About Common Core & Nothing About Common Sense

common sense

Right now I feel like driving down to my kid’s school and leaving my son’s vomit coated, Merrell suede shoes on the principal’s desk.  You might wonder why I’m feeling the need to do what might seem at this point, a senseless thing.  I promise it will make sense when I’m done.

My kids got off the school bus today not filled with great things to say about their day.  In fact, my second grader had a bruised and swollen finger along with a bruised fingernail that he will most likely lose.  My kindergartener had another great day, he was vomited on and sent home without anyone cleaning him up, no note as to what happened, and put on a 40 minute bus ride.  Lovely!

No one called about our son who had his finger slammed in a locker by another student.  Oh yes, that was what caused the injury.  Nope, no call, nothing but a form from the health office that said bruised finger, student can move it, slammed in locker.

As for the vomit and my kindergartener, there was no notification of any kind.  Nothing, nada, zip, zero, zilch to tell us what happened.  Nothing but our child to recant the story.  What if our child had not been forthcoming, how would we know?  What if we were picking him up to go directly to a doctor’s appointment?  Do you know what he was told by the teacher’s assistant in his class?  He was told to go home and take his pants, socks and shirt off and take a shower.  He was also told to take his suede Merrells and throw them out.

So now does it make a little more sense why I want to march into that school and leave the ruined $60 shoes on the principal’s desk?  I however, will leave a note, letting him know my thoughts on the matter. Common core will seem like a picnic after I express how I’m feeling.

So what do you think?  How would you handle the situation?  I would love to hear your views.  Hope your kids had a better day.


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