Say Goodbye To Soggy Sandwiches For Good!

Americans consume over 45 billion sandwiches a year!  Sandwiches are a great lunch option and very cost-effective compared to buying lunch out.  With more people packing lunch from home, the problem of soggy sandwiches was one that needed a solution.  No one wants to eat a soggy sandwich for lunch and yet that was the fate of many a sandwich by lunch time.  Now you can say goodbye to the soggy sandwich for good!  Perfect Sandwich is the patented, one of a kind solution to transport all your sandwich ingredients separately.



When lunch time arrives you can open your Perfect Sandwich and create a fresh sandwich from the separated ingredients.  The PerfecCHILL Technology keeps your sandwich ingredients within the USDA guidelines for perishable foods of under 40 degrees F for over 5 hours at room temperature and under room temperature for a full 8 hours.

Perfect Sandwich-Container

No need for plastic sandwich bags, foils or plastic wraps which are wasteful and bad for our environment not to mention costly.  The BPA free, Perfect Sandwich container is dishwasher safe and durable so it will last for years!  You can also use it for more than sandwiches adding to the versatility and expanding lunch options.  You can visit No More Soggy Sandwich on Facebook

Perfect Sandwich-Colors



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8 Responses to Say Goodbye To Soggy Sandwiches For Good!

  1. Maria Malaveci

    I like the perfect sandwich container!

  2. Margot C

    Interesting, on ContainThis! they say that the idea behind Contain This! started years ago when the owner’s dad was taking a cross-country plane trip and decided against packing a sandwich. The rest is history!

  3. Christopher Sorel

    looks like great idea and hoping my kids would not lose a piece of it

  4. Lee L

    Love all the color choices

  5. Leela

    Perfect Sandwich is an innovative wet-dry solution designed to solve the age old problem of the soggy sandwich. By separating wet ingredients such as meats; lettuce; tomatoes etc. in a sealed, watertight compartment and away from the bread until mealtime, you get a Perfect Sandwich every time.

  6. jeanne

    stays fresh until mealtime

  7. Heather!

    I learned that, while technically safe enough, the Perfect Sandwich container should not be microwaved. It has stainless steel hinges.

  8. I learned that “Contain This! keeps food as fresh as if you just made it!”.

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