How Safe and Secure is Your Home? The Answer May Shock You! #MySafeHome #MomBuzz

Do you ever wonder if you are truly prepared for an emergency?  I mean, we all try to be but life gets in the way.  We have some things in place but are lacking in other areas of preparedness. We have an escape ladder for our second and third story windows in case fire prevented us from exiting the home through the stairways.  However, if you asked me right now where it is, I would tell you where it should be but since that area of our home is under construction…yeah. I think you understand what I mean.  We do have big things in place but I suppose we need to go over things and find out where we are lacking.

Recently, I found out about a site that does just that for you.  MBIntel is a site you can go to and begin a free home risk analysis.  It only takes about 15 minutes to answer the questions about home safety and security as well as emergency preparedness. When you are finished you will be given the results and shown the areas that need improvement if applicable.  I went to their website today and answered the questions to get my home risk analysis.  Overall I did well, but there are some issues we need to address to really be in top-notch shape.  I plan to go over this with my husband and get the things we need in place to ensure our home is as safe as can be.  You can upgrade to a paid version that gives you more detailed reporting of any issues so that you can see clearly what you need to do to fix them.  I upgraded to a paid version and was able to print out a full report so that I could share that with my husband and we can make the changes we need to.  If you are looking to see how secure, safe and ready you are for a disaster, check out MBIntel and get your free home analysis.  If you do please let me know your results and what you thought in the comments.


The image below is a sample of how the overall results are shown.

The chart below outlines the differences in the free and paid version.

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  1. Jordan

    It is so important to secure your home! Great post!

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