Sorry For MIA-Down With The Flu!!!

Wow, today is the first day I can truly stand up and keep my head up.  I was so sick the last few days, felt like I was going to die.  Had a fever over 103 F for 3 days and just miserable.  I have so much to catch up on and lots of posts, reviews and giveaways to get up.  I am slowly getting back in the groove but just as I started to catch up on so much I got sick.  Not to mention miss the first 2 days of the #31 Days Challenge.

There is only one thing to do, just jump in and try to catch up.  That I will do but wanted to let you all know where I was and I will be catching up with drawing winners too.  Hope you are all well and doing well in the #31 Day Challenge.



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2 Responses to Sorry For MIA-Down With The Flu!!!

  1. Kristen

    SO sorry to hear that! I had the flu last year and it was MISERABLE! Be sure to take very good care of yourself.

  2. James Robert

    Wow, you had a miserable one it sounds like. Don’t jump in too quickly and get it back. I did that this year but with cold, sore throat, etc. Started taking meds, felt better, quit and got it worse the second time. Take it easy

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