Play Doh Ruined Christmas? Parents Say Sweet Shoppe Cake Mountain Playset’s Penis Shaped Extruder is Obscene!!!

Play Doh Sweet-Shoppe-Playset

My Facebook feed was filled the last day or so all about some obscene Play Doh toy that is included in the Play-Doh Sweet Shoppe Cake Mountain Playset. Apparently the tool that is supposed to be used for cake decorating to dispense icing resembles another type of tool.  Reports of  outraged parents who claim the playset with its phallic shaped icing dispenser looks like a penis and is inappropriate for children.  The two-part icing extruder’s picture has been blasted all over Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and more.  There are even reports that Hasbro removed parent comments on their Facebook page which outraged the already furious parents even more.

play doh sweet shoppe cake mountain Playset

In a statement posted on their Facebook page Tuesday, Hasbro said, “We have heard some consumer feedback about the extruder tool in the Play-Doh Cake Mountain playset and are in the process of updating all future Play-Doh products with a different tool. Should any consumer want a replacement extruder for this item, they can contact Hasbro’s Customer Service Department at 800-327-8264.”

Play Doh-Penis-Extruder-Toy

Play Doh Extruder-Penis-Shaped-Toy

If you look on Amazon the Playset is still available for sale and people are scooping up the playsets for collectibles.  The reviews on Amazon are mostly tongue in cheek and make references to the extruder like the ones below:

My wife is never giving this back to the kids

By et on December 31, 2014

It loses a star because while I got this for the kids (and they loved the IDEA of it once they tore off the wrapping paper), my wife has been keeping the ‘shoppe’ for her own use. In fact she’s been in our spare bedroom playing with it all day. When I call through the door to ask when she’s going to be coming out, she keeps telling me she’s off to a good start but she hasn’t ‘finished.’ I just hope next time I get in on the action. Meanwhile, the kids are just heartbroken that their toy is now mama’s toy. Play-Doh’s marketing department really screwed the pooch on this one.

Extruder is elegantly designed and titillatingly fun!

By Mike on December 31, 2014
Product Packaging: Standard Packaging

Great fun for young and old! For some reason, the extruder keeps turning up missing. But luckily my wife always ends up finding it. The Play-Doh always comes out of the ribbed extruder with a nice creamy texture. Caution: Don’t push in and out on the extruder too fast or hard, or it will release its contents way too soon.
Sometimes an extruder is just an extruder, January 1, 2015
By Sabriel
 This review is from: Play-Doh Sweet Shoppe Cake Mountain Playset (Toy)
Sometimes a toy is just a toy and not a Dil-Doh. If you like to make pretend cakes, then this is the toy for you. If you like to project your insecurities onto your offspring, this might also be the toy for you!
You can read more reviews HERE.


Love to hear you sound off on this.  Did Santa stuff your stocking or pack your tree with the Play Doh Sweet Shoppe Cake Mountain Playset?  What do you think? Are parents justified to claim this toy ruined their Christmas?  Do you think the design was intentionally and designed by an employee wanting to screw with their boss (no pun intended, oh maybe I did intend on using the pun lol).  Let us know what you think in the comments!

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