Let K-Y® Yours + Mine Help You Spice Up Date Night This Holiday Season!!! #YoursandMine

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Thanksgiving is over and I’m  a passenger on a speeding train, destination Christmas.  Do you feel like that too?  With everything I have to do, it can be overwhelming.  The decorating, shopping, cooking, baking and wrapping, added to my already jam-packed schedule, leaves me feeling like I can barely breathe.

I have come to the conclusion that I really need to remember that if I let all this stress get to me and  start neglecting the relationships in my life that no amount of decorating or cookies will make it okay.  I can get so caught up  with all the ideas on Pinterest and social media that make me feel if I don’t  have every corner of our home decked with picture perfect perfection,  more than 30 different kinds of homemade cookies in the freezer and every gift wrapped with handcrafted wrap, ribbons and tags that my family will need extensive therapy in the future.  In fact the exact opposite is true, when I remove the unrealistic expectations, I feel better and my family will remember the way we had fun together and not that I didn’t have 4 different trees up when they look back.  Who wants their family’s memories to be of an expertly decorated home and a mother who was short with everyone, lost her temper and never had time to relax and spend time with the family.

This season I am pulling the emergency stop on the train and getting off and leaving all my baggage on board.  I am going to focus on what I can do to enjoy the holidays with my family and not let stress, other people, the media or anything else make me think I am failing.  I am going to play in the snow and read with my kids and spend quality time with my husband.

In fact, I have a special K-Y® date night planned for us.  After the kids are in bed, we are going to unplug from our computers, smart phones and tablets and I am going to make us some gourmet hot chocolate, some decadent chocolate cake and bring our one of our favorite word games.   In front of a roaring fire on a cold December evening we will have time to laugh and play and connect.  I can find just what I need at Walmart and I am good to go. Check out the date night pack available at Walmart HERE!


 #YoursandMine #Collective Bias

Of course I will beat the pants off my husband but don’t let him know that.  When that happens I have another special surprise up my sleeve, K-Y® Yours + Mine. With K-Y® Yours + Mine the fun and games won’t end with our board game but will continue long after, upstairs in our bedroom.  I am sure you get the idea and I won’t give you any more details.  A night like that will allow us to focus on our relationship, the foundation of our family.

KY Holiday 6



If we put our relationship on the back burner, we are not doing our marriage or our kids any favors.  Taking the time will only make our relationship stronger which has a ripple effect through our home and family.  So when I say we intend to spice things up this season, I mean more than baking gingerbread cookies.

K-Y® Yours + Mine will be shipping new product to stores in January 2015 that will include a free meal for 2, delivered to you door from PEACHDISH.com and a $5 VUDU Movie Credit that streams right into your home ($50 Value).  Given that January leaves most people feeling depressed that the holidays are over and with a mountain of bills to pay, this could be just what is needed to rise above the post holiday blues.  For more information visit K-Y.com.

KY Date Night Pack


Excuse me I need to go, my train just stopped and I am off light as a feather leaving all that heavy baggage behind.  Want to join me?  Just pull the emergency stop cord and get off!



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3 Responses to Let K-Y® Yours + Mine Help You Spice Up Date Night This Holiday Season!!! #YoursandMine

  1. I love this! What a great idea! I also get so caught up in the Christmas crazies that I forget to make time for the special things. I am going to plan a special date night like you. The date night deal sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing this fabulous idea! #client
    Heather Brummett recently posted…How To Make Coffee Filter SnowflakesMy Profile

  2. As the wife of an English teacher and a Words with Friends junky, I love this idea! And I’m a bit envious… living in South Florida, we don’t have any awesome fireplaces to cuddle beside. #client
    Carrie – Huppie Mama recently posted…One Year Body TransformationMy Profile

  3. Very nicely written, hope you and the hubs have another enjoyable weekend.
    Antionette Blake recently posted…“The Other Talk”: Changing the Conversation about PostmenopauseMy Profile

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