Free Shipping at Winterland and LEDgen Lighting with Coupon Code in Post!!!

winterlandMy little ones are so adorable, when we go into a store and they see all the Christmas decorations they want to buy everything to decorate, they are so excited!  I think the best part of the holidays is seeing that wide-eye wonder in the faces of your children.  If you are looking to do some Christmas shopping for decorations and lighting, check out Winterland and LEDgen Lighting.


Winterland, Inc. was started more than twenty years ago with a passion to create holiday decorations that make a dynamic and awe-inspiring statement. Concept after concept, they dare to be different. How? They’re committed to listening to their clients and working hard to provide solutions that are tailored to their needs. Winterland thinks about Christmas every day of the year. While they’re putting the decorations away in January they are already planning for next Christmas. Their team of  designers are constantly looking for the latest trends, while at the same time remembering the classic elegance that many people look for during the holiday season. Whether it’s decorating the tree in the corner of the living room, putting up a 50 foot animated tree in the center of a shopping mall, or creating a fantastic drive through light park experience for your community, Winterland has been there, done that, and is here to make it easy for you.




Their goal is to exceed your expectations for creativity, personal service, value, and delivery. They do it with every single customer because they take the holiday season seriously. Winterland’s flexible and willing to accommodate their customer’s ideas. They are willing to create custom designs for their customers!

LED lights  are the most efficient light source available to date  and represent the greatest breakthrough in lighting technology since Edison’s invention of the incandescent light bulb. LEDs are rapidly replacing incandescent and fluorescent lighting in a variety of functional applications including traffic lights, vehicle lights, industrial lighting, and emergency exit signs. LEDs are a low-maintenance, energy efficient solution for anyone looking for dynamic lighting displays. They are also versatile and can be used in many creative applications featuring a variety of brilliant colors and decorative styles to choose from. More reasons why LEDgen Lighting LEDs are the better choice for seasonal and decorative lighting:


Get Free Shipping on your order this holiday season at Winterland or LEDgen Lighting Holiday Stores. Use code GUIDE  when you checkout!  You can find Winterland and LEDgen Lighting on our 2014 Holiday Gift Guide.

50 Foot Animated Tree from LedGenLighting on Vimeo.


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2 Responses to Free Shipping at Winterland and LEDgen Lighting with Coupon Code in Post!!!

  1. Janet W.

    I love the giant candy cane! This would look great in our yard as a decoration!

  2. Jodi

    These are super cute! I’d love to add more decoations to our stock!

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