Five Apps For Mommies With Me Time


Guest Post by Elisa Vicente Arce

If you’re a mommy like me then you’ll know as well as anyone how much you value your precious ‘me time.’ Whether it’s when the kids are in school or have gone upstairs to bed, we all love to put our feet up and read a book, watch TV or even play a few games on our mobile phones. In the modern age it seems we’re all addicted to our smartphones and tablets, so if you fall into that category, here are a few apps that are perfect for the modern-day mommy.

Healthy in a Hurry

Looking after your family’s health can be one of the biggest challenges when it comes to cooking on a time limit. If you’re lacking in a little inspiration, this wonderful little app features more than 200 recipes from the Eating Well Test Kitchen. Once you’ve got the app installed, nothing needs to be downloaded, and you can also filter what you want by main ingredient – perfect for fussy tummies.

Baby Connect

Are you pulling your hair out over your newborn? Having to cope with one baby can be hard enough, but when you’ve got more than one child you could find yourself at your wits’ end. Thankfully, the digital age is here to help us – Baby Connect helps to manage your child’s schedules and also records information such as feeding and sleeping times, and you can also manage personal contacts such as daycare centers.

Online Bingo

It’s the one guilty pleasure that many modern day mommies have, and why not? With so much choice out there, online bingo apps are more than just a simple game of calling out numbers – there is everything from Candy Crush-inspired classics to themed slot games!

Spending most of our days talking baby talk can lead us all to want a little excitement in our lives, and the app provides just that.

Baby Games

Ideal for tablet users, Baby Games provides a variety of colourful games to help stimulate and educate your baby boy or girl. Simply place your tablet on a stand or hold baby on your lap and let him or her play touch with a whole host of different challenges from Jack in the Box to Whack a Mole.


If playing a few online games isn’t your idea of relaxation, you may want to try giving Earthlapse a go – not only does it play new-age, relaxing music; it also features time lapse photography of images of planet Earth as captured by NASA. To take you a world away from the stresses of motherhood, this app is truly out of this world.







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