An Apology

I am sorry for being absent with my posts for the last couple of days.  Things are just hugely hectic right now for me. The kids started back to school, there were and are so many things to do with that.  We even had our “Meet The Teacher” night.  On top of that I am dealing with quite a few doctor appointments for myself and a procedure on Friday with some other testing that I hope will not reveal something serious or that will require surgery.

Through it all I have been trying to go through each day pushing it to the side and just moving through the day, immersing myself in work and life.  However something small or large can propel all the pushed feelings to the surface and cause me to become emotional.  This is happening when I am alone so no one really has a clue. That’s good because I have always been a person who does not burden others with “my stuff.”

I guess what I am trying to say is that more than busy, my heart and head have not truly been in the game this week.  At times I just feel like taking a break from it all and some things I can’t but I am finding that I am pushing things I can off. Things like blogging and that has me feeling guilty and like a failure so it is a vicious cycle.

I don’t even think this post makes sense but I just want to apologize to those of you that do check in.  I thank you for your understanding and pray things will turn out well and my mind will have better things to focus on.

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