Time Is No Match For Any of Us!!!

The school supplies are labeled, the backpacks are packed and the lunch boxes are full of healthy lunch snacks.  Yet, as the kids lay nestled all snug in their beds, I am begging and pleading for time to slow down.  You see this mom is not ready for summer to end, seems it just started and now it’s the end!  It doesn’t seem fair, how could it be over?  We didn’t even do most of the things on our list, I feel full of mommy guilt and I’m shaking my fist!

This thing we call time is spinning too fast, in the blink of an eye, our kids grow right up.  The time we thought we had passes us by, before we know it they’ll be moving on and saying goodbye.  Childhood is far too fleeting and bittersweet for my taste.   You see,  I know how quickly it passes, this is my second time through it and so I know how it goes.  First time parents think they have years and years and the time will go slow and not disappear.  However, those of us who have been here before, know all too well, how quickly time goes.

We moms who were young enough to start over again with a new set of babes share a secret between us.  We will tell you don’t blink because if you do, a lifetime will pass and you won’t believe it’s true.  It’s scary and real, but we have to accept it, life is too short and over too quickly.  We try to hold on kicking and screaming to push back the hours, days and the months. We want to just slow it all down but we know it’s futile, we don’t stand a chance but we try nonetheless in our warrior stance.

So, I’m not thrilled that another school year is thrust upon us. Unless some magical power comes over me tonight and somehow I am able to win the fight and turn back the time and start summer again, I will have to grin and rejoice at the dawn of the day and send my children along to start a new year.  It’s harder than hard since my baby starts school and I just want to hold him and not let him go, but I know that he has much to learn and explore.  The best thing comes at the end of the day, I can hold him as he shares all he did that first day.   I will hold him and smile and laugh as he does. He will not see the tears fall from my eyes, instead I will secretly  wipe them and treasure the moment and everything in it.

I urge you my friends to understand that no matter your age or the stage you are in, it will pass all too quickly without warning and leave you wondering just where the years went.  You won’t have an answer, you will not even believe how fast time can fly.  It’s then you will understand all too well that we’re not in control. We live a life, then it’s over and hope those left behind are filled with great memories of love from that sweet time we did share.   So love on your family and friends while you can because time, is not something that can be bought, stopped or stalled.  Time is the constant we know will keep moving, so live every day to the fullest you can because time waits for no one and isn’t your friend.

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