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My kids are obsessed with costumes.  Costumes are not something that are thought about around Halloween, but occur daily with my little guys. Most of the time you will find superheros of all kinds, firemen, army men, tigers and more around our house.  They absolutely adore dressing up in costumes, so when we had an opportunity recently to review a policeman costume from Costume Discounters, they were in their glory.


We picked the Kids Junior Police Costume and it’s a very impressive costume, runs true to size and is constructed of high quality clothing material that holds up to the day-to-day dress up fun it gets in this house!  The costume comes complete with hat, handcuffs, badge, radio, billy club, belt and whistle.  All kids need is their imagination and they are off to solve capers, crimes and enforce the law in your very own yard.

Police costume


Police costume 1

Kids Junior Police Suit Costume

Every boy has a dream of becoming a policeman and keeping the bad guys off the street. The Jr. Police Costume includes: A one piece suit (shirt/pants) with official-looking patches and a cap with an attached badge. What’s a member of the force without all his accessories? A duty belt, with a radio, baton, handcuffs, gives you the tools for the job. A whistle, ID wallet, and a shirt badge really authenticate this design. Ever let your kid run loose in the house with laws? He’ll be giving you a ticket each time you pick your nose or forget to flush the toilet…and what better way to teach him to respect the law than allow him to set the laws in the house! Or reinforce them at least! Enforce the law and keep the public safe as an honorable police officer. Stop in the name of the law! Just like the real thing! The beat on the streets is that there’s a new sheriff in town! Walking the beat for a sweet candy treat!

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Costume Discounters is having a sale now and you can save 20% on orders of $29 or more by using the discount code 29Save when you checkout. Oh and if you really like Police News you can click on that link for lots of police info, products and more.

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