My Conference Call With Marlo Thomas!!!

So I said last week that I would update on my conference call with Marlo Thomas.  I was so excited to take part in it.  I had no idea that Marlo Thomas was 76 years old.  I thought she was in her late 60’s, but age really did not matter because her advice was timeless.  She had my eyes filling up with tears when she described how much she missed her mother and her mother’s advice.  I was feeling very similar at the time and her story of how she encouraged others to share the bits of wisdom from their mothers on her Facebook wall just struck my emotions and I connected with exactly how she felt.  itaintovercovershot

She was discussing her new book, “It Ain’t Over…Till It’s Over” which is filled with inspirational stories of women from all walks of life who have reinvented and realized their dreams at any age.  She said that the first thing that anyone needs to do is get rid of the facts.  You know the facts that say you can’t do something because of A, B or C.  Write new facts, she said and stop listening to negative people.

Some other advice she gave was not to start too big and give up and she gave the example of a woman who developed a product.  The woman went immediately to QVC and they rejected it.  Marlo told her not to stop, that QVC perhaps just too big to start with, go local and take it from there but not to just stop.

The stories she highlighted from the book were inspirational and whether it was about a woman’s dramatic weight loss after being mortified on an airline flight not being able to buckle her seat belt or a woman who started a business because her friend on bed rest wanted a pedicure, it showed that nothing is impossible!  I cannot wait to received my signed copy of the book to read all the great stories myself.


She was so gracious and even wanted to stay longer to make sure that anyone who wanted to ask specific questions had their questions answered.  She said that anyone that had anything else that came up could reach out to her on her Facebook page and connect with her.  I am so happy and privileged that I was given the opportunity to take part in such a call.  Thank you so much Marlo Thomas and US Family Guide!


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