Build a Garden Tunnel with Extranet Shade Netting

An easy do it yourself project that you can do at home to enhance the yield of your garden and grow fresh fruits and vegetables all year round is to build a garden tunnel using 1.5m x10m extranet shade netting. This is a simple project that you can do in a weekend. There are several different sizes and styles that you can choose from. A garden tunnel is the perfect start for the amateur or professional gardener who is interested in starting a garden of their own, but may be a little unsure of how to get it started.

It is a simple exercise to start your garden. You just follow the simple instructions to construct your garden tunnel. Add dirt and fertiliser and plant your seeds or seedlings. In no time you will be reaping the benefits of gardening with the protection of a garden tunnel. The garden will need significantly less water than an unprotected garden. Your garden will be much less susceptible to weeds. This makes a difference in the time needed to maintain and care for your garden. Less time spent watering and weeding means more time to enjoy the outdoors relaxing.  

A garden tunnel provides total protection for your garden from a variety of threats all year round. The plants in your garden, especially the new ones, sometimes need a little extra protection until they are strong enough to withstand the full onslaught of nature’s elements on their own. Shade netting is the obvious solution.

The best part is that unlike tunnels constructed from PVC or plastic sheeting, it allows air and some sunlight to pass through. Shade netting gives your plants the exact amount of sunlight needed for them to be healthy and for processes such as photosynthesis and bearing fruits.

Another benefit of having a covered tunnel is the moderate temperatures that can be maintained under the tunnel. It can provide shade from the blazing heat of the sun, the driving force of the rain, windy days, and cold nights. Usually in some climate zones, there is a lot of variation between temperatures in the daytime and night time. The shade netting can help to minimise the difference so that it is not so drastic. These are essential elements for the success of your garden and to produce fresh green fruits and vegetables all year round.

The elements are not the only external threat to your garden. As a gardener, you know that a lot of things in nature, such as birds and insects will find your fruits and vegetables delicious as well. It is important to protect your gardens from hungry pests, or your efforts to grow your own produce will go in vain. There is also the risk of falling debris such as limbs that can fall and break the delicate stems of your seedlings or crush small plants. Extranet Shade Netting will provide the perfect barrier between the weather, pests, debris, and your garden.

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