Choopie CityHooks and CityGrips Stroller Accessories Review & Giveaway!!! 3 Winners!!!

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Although spring started about 2 weeks ago, we still haven’t seen it for more than a fleeting day in New York.  With April starting in about 24 hours, I am taking comfort in knowing that it has to arrive sooner or later.  I truly hope it’s sooner because I love to walk in the spring.

If you like to walk and enjoy taking your little ones along in a stroller you have probably found that you just cannot remove the handlebar cover that comes permanently attached to your stroller to wash it.  Considering we are touching it all the time, it’s easy to get soiled, sweaty and worn.  CityGrips are neat little covers to put over the stroller handlebar from Choopie that add function and flair.  CityGrips attach securely with velcro and remove just as easy so you can machine wash and dry them when necessary, that really appeals to the germaphobe in me.




City Grips are available in great colors, prints and patterns and 2 styles for double or single handlebars.  I found it super easy to attach the black polka dot print which is one of the new designs for 2014, to my Stokke Scoot handlebar.  I like that I can just take them off and throw them in the washer to keep the handlebar much more sanitary.  An added benefit is that it really makes the otherwise black handlebar look sharp and stylish.

Another important accessory that I must have, is some type of hook or hooks so that I can attach bags, diaper bags, my purse and more easily to my stroller.  Choopie has great hooks called CityHooks and they attach quickly, easily and securely to the handlebar of any stroller, wheelchair, car seat and more with snug fitting velcro straps.  The hooks swivel a full 350 degrees and the open hook design make it easy to slip bags on and off.  I love that with these hooks we are ready for all the little extras we need to tote on outings and they’re perfect for shopping to hold bags.




City Hooks

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Choopie is sponsoring a giveaway on Mommy Ramblings!  3 Lucky blog readers will win a set of CityGrips and CityHooks!  Thank you Choopie for the review accessories and for sponsoring this handy and stylish giveaway on Mommy Ramblings!!!  Open to US residents.

Choopie CityGrips and CityHooks Stroller Accessories Giveaway on Mommy Ramblings Rules:

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12 Responses to Choopie CityHooks and CityGrips Stroller Accessories Review & Giveaway!!! 3 Winners!!!

  1. Nancy

    I also like the Soho CityBag with its 12 pockets!

  2. Lisa Gonzalez

    How awesome is it that the soho bag pops open?! So cool!

  3. Melissa Johnson

    I love the SoHo CityBag with the polka dot lining!

  4. Sonya M

    I really like how their Soho Citybag springs all the way open with the push of a button. Handy!

  5. Wendy W.

    I learned that the founder originally made the citygrips for herself to save her hands from sweat and germs, then she got many compliments and requests, so Choopie was created!

  6. Cassandra

    I like the soho city bag. It is so cute, and I love the polka dots.

  7. Eva Biggs

    I love that they came out with the hooks!

  8. Amanda Healey

    I love the Citybag! Its so cute!

    Thank you!

  9. Tina Valenti

    Would love the Citibag. Easy opening would make it great for doing things one-handed.

  10. Heather!

    I learned that the Soho City bag opens with a single touch of a button! Very handy (ha) for busy parents who never have enough hands.

  11. lisa

    SoHo CityBag! Cute.

  12. Gianna

    The SOHO City Bag.

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