Operation Curb Appeal Starts Tomorrow!!!

It gets very real tomorrow with Operation Curb Appeal! The rest of the demo of the master bath and then the reconstruction begins early in the morning.  I can’t wait to take you through it all and ask you to bear with a little absence in some of my posts the last few days.  I will catch up and bring you lots of great content, DIY and of course giveaways.  Tonight though, it’s off to prep for tomorrow’s start of all the work.  I am having a bit of anxiety and even though I know it will be worth all of it in the end, I am teetering on a tightrope right now.  So I promise to catch up and draw winners for the ended giveaways and much more if you all just hang in there with me.  Hope you had a great Monday and it’s the beginning of a super week for you.

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