Arctic Blasts, Cold Squirrels, Stupid Groundhogs and Things To Appreciate About Winter!!!


I have to tell you, I have stopped looking or listening to the weather.  It seems old man winter does not want to loosen his vise grip on the Northeast.  The Arctic Blast we thought was gone is back with a vengeance, and from the little I do hear, it’s going to be days of bone-chilling cold followed by days of snow coming on the heels of the same.  Wow, with that to look forward too, I think we better make a list of things that we appreciate about this weather to get us through the next few days, weeks, but please don’t say months!!!  After all Spring is only 22 days away!!!

Things I appreciate about winter:

You can use your car as an extra freezer.

You never need to worry about frozen foods and ice cream melting like you do in summer.

The never-ending supply of snow for snow candy.

Burning calories naturally just trying to get warm.

Enjoying roaring fires in the fireplace.

The knowledge that it has to end sooner or later.

Taking lots of photos of our feathered and furry friends who are braving the same winter without coats, heat or down comforters.

The strong appreciation for the sun, spring and summer this weather puts in my heart.

Remembering it has to end.

Taking a hot shower and having warm cozy “feetie” pajamas to put on.

The ability to shop online even for my house hold necessities so I do not have to drive on black ice, freezing rain or blizzards.

Appreciating the beauty it does bring even if it overstays its welcome.

A central heating system that keeps us cozy even though the price of oil is outrageous.

Anytime seems like the perfect time to bake.

Knowing that its days are numbered and while March is coming in like that lion, it will be great to see it going out like a lamb!

Stay warm everyone!!!  Spring is only 22 days away, just keep repeating that!

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  1. Melissa Johnson

    Thanks for listing all of the things you appreciate about winter, especially on a day like today with yet another winter storm. I was able to read through a few of those and say to myself, “yes, that’s not so bad”. lol

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