Gimme Shelter Movie Ticket Giveaway!!! #GimmeShelter


Being a mother is the toughest job in the world… Period.

Now imagine… you are young, homeless, and without a family to lean on for support.

That’s exactly what happened to Agnes “Apple” Baily.

Based on a true story, Ronald Krauss’ new film “Gimme Shelter,” stars Vanessa Hudgens (High School Musical) as 16-year-old Agnes “Apple” Baily, a teenager who sets out to find her biological father and is forced into the streets in a true journey of survival.

Check out and share the 6 animated gifs to get an inside look at the heart warming tale of Agnes “Apple” Baily before the film hits theaters Friday January 24th, 2014.

Vanessa Hudgens (Agnes “Apple” Bailey)
James Earl Jones (Frank McCarthy)
Rosario Dawson (June Bailey)
Brendan Fraser (Tom Fitzpatrick)

Gimme Shelter received 5 stars from the Dove Foundation, their highest rating!

Kelly Rosati, VP, Community Outreach / FOCUS ON THE FAMILY
“GIMME SHELTER” is a deeply moving and meaningful film that celebrates the dignity of life at all ages and stages. A great, gritty depiction of what it means to put your faith into action to help those society far too often marginalizes.”


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32 Responses to Gimme Shelter Movie Ticket Giveaway!!! #GimmeShelter

  1. Because you have so much too worry about including yourself

  2. You have to put yourself on a backburner and give all you can to your kids.

  3. tammy shelton

    A lot of people think it’s easy… and it’s not.

  4. Melissa Johnson

    I’m pregnant with my first now but I’ve already given up things for myself in order to buy things for the baby.

  5. Mina

    It’s difficult because we responsible for someone else’s life, and to make sure they will grow up to be good people.

  6. Heather!

    Mothers have to wear so many hats at once! Doctor, teacher, driver, waitress, cook, personal shopper, valet, nurse, etc. It’s amazing so many women choose to do it! 🙂

  7. Nancy

    Motherhood is a tough job because it is 24/7 forever!

  8. Gianna

    You put them all before you in everything you do.

  9. Margaret Smith

    Because you never stop worrying about your kids.

  10. Denise S

    You never get a moment’s peace and you are unappreciated.

  11. alexis janiszewski

    Because its 24 7 . There are no breaks, i cant just leave my job.

  12. Shannon Baas

    You are always on duty.

  13. because we want to teach our children by our example and we are scared that we try to be perfect all of the time.

  14. Rosanne

    It’s so tiring sleep deprivation discipline etc

  15. Kim H

    Its the toughest cause moms are responsible for every roll

  16. danielle hall

    because its no longer you …you have to worry about and take care of everyone else for the rest of your life

  17. April Brenay

    because no matter who your kids friends are, you will always be there in their lives, and be there when mistakes happen

  18. Erica C.

    The hardest is giving up control.


    I think it would be a tough job because it is 24/7 not including all of your other responsibilities.

  20. carol mclemore

    It’s a stressful job that you never get a break from.

  21. Tracy L Davis

    Because you never stop worrying.

  22. lori walker

    because no one will know how well you did until years later

  23. Stephanie Galbraith

    Any little error you make in the raising of your child will effect them for life, and could even effect others.

  24. Eva Biggs

    Being a mom is the toughest job because you get little sleep, more worries, must have patience, you become a nurse, a teacher…everything your child needs you to be.

  25. Donna Kellogg

    Because now it is no longer about you it is about a little life that needs you. All the decisions that were once easy to make needs to be made for the benifit of this little life.

  26. Donna Kellogg

    Because now it is no longer about you it is about a little life that needs you. All the decisions that were once easy to make needs to be made for the benifit of this little life.

  27. Rebecca L

    It’s the toughest job because it never ends and there are no “off” days.

  28. Brittney House

    I would say because your responsible for another human being.

  29. susan smoaks

    being a mother is the toughest job in the world because mom’s never get a day off.

  30. vicki lorenz

    It’s just you then blam you have a little life depending on his/her survival. It’s amazing how you can start out selfish, then you want to take care of this little one and nothing else matters. There is nothing harder or better to do in our lives.

  31. Mihaela Day

    It’s a stressful job that you never get a break from and carries a great responsability

  32. harolde

    Because sometimes it’s a thankless job.

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