Remembering The Enduring, Sage Advice Passed From Parent To Child

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Recently, I was asked what’s the best piece of advice my parents gave me that still resonates with me today. When I gave it some thought, I had to be honest and say it’s very hard to pick just one.  My parents are no longer with me in this life, but they left me with so many golden nuggets of advice and were great role models.


I would have to say that one of the contenders would be something  my dad said a lot,”Learn to love the people that hate you.” Now, what’s meant by that is that you should not consume yourself worrying about people who are causing you grief. Today these people may be referred to as  haters, but whatever you call them, leave them in the past and don’t let them rent space in your head.

Sometimes, it’s easier said than done, especially when we need to deal with them on a daily basis.  It can help to remember that the reason they’re so nasty and/or vindictive may be that they’re truly very angry, insecure or discontent.  Tearing others down is one of the easiest ways they can feel better about their lives.  The live in a fantasy where they shout from the rooftop how great things are, when in reality they are drowning in misery. You know the kind of people I mean, the ones who no matter what it is, will find a way to belittle, mock or condemn someone or something.



For instance maybe it’s the new picture of someone’s baby, even if they say, “Oh it’s cute.” they will follow with some backhanded comment like “doesn’t look anything like the father, it’s probably not his.” Whatever it is, they have something to hate, they constantly talk badly about others no matter where they are or who they’re with. They only deviate from the ridicule when they stop to add self-praise for themselves or boast about their job, kids, spouse, car etc. These kinds of people are draining to be around and you can be sure  that if they’re bad mouthing people in front of you, that you’re the subject of their tearing down when they’re out with others.


We all know people like this and we may have several in our own families.  So it’s inevitable that we’ll have to deal with them.  Sure, you could confront them, but it will never work. Even if you came right out and told them what you thought of them, they would find some way to deny it all and try to attack you.  It’s so not worth your time.  So, if their behavior bothers you, leave and keep your distance. Just remember, they must be miserable or they wouldn’t need to rip others apart.  Move toward and surround yourself with people who lift you up, people who make you feel good, people who see the good in others and that you genuinely have fun with and like to be around.  Life’s too short to spend with miserable people, so just release them from your thoughts, bless them and move on.  That’s good advice!  Thanks Mom and Dad!


Share some sage words of advice you carry with you from your parents.  I would love to hear what they are!

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