Update On Our Home Rennovations & Peek At The Bathroom Faucets We Chose!!! #CurbAppeal

I’m feeling refreshed from some much-needed down time with the family. However, it’s full speed ahead into the new year and time to get the party started with our home renovations.  We’re midway through the laundry room renovations.  I know I haven’t mentioned them but we’ll be taking you through it all.  Right now we’re relocating electrical and plumbing to accommodate the design changes.

The rest of the demo in the master bath and reconstruction will be starting in a few days and so we have some updates.  We picked out our bath sink faucets and they arrived the other day. The sink faucets we choose are manufactured by KWC. They are part of the ONO collection and for the finish we went with Splendure™ Stainless Steel.



KWC Bath Faucet

kwc ono single hole faucet

KWC faucets successfully combine Swiss innovation with technology, precision and fascination. KWC is Water Performance.  We went with a single hole faucet for a few reasons. It’s much easier to clean with the single hole design, and we like the sleek, modern look and how it complements the sinks and the shower doors.  We were very impressed with the product when it arrived.  It was impressive even in the box, securely packed and protected, with quality we could see and feel.  We’ll be updating you as we move forward and show you the entire installation process.  We’re still finalizing the vanity and the whirlpool but must have that done no later than Monday!

So, I hope you’re ready for lots of home improvement in the new year!  I cannot wait to actually bring you our real-time projects and best of all the complete reveals!  I would love for you to comment on any projects you’re planning as well.



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