Adobe Premiere Elements Review & Giveaway For 2 Winners!!! #HolidayGiftGuide


Adobe Premiere Elements empowers your creative vision with video editing that’s so easy, it almost makes the movie for you. Use automated options, special effects, and in-app guidance to turn your video clips into entertaining movies that will wow family and friends. And now, take your Elements videos with you, wherever you go, on your smart phone or tablet.  Do the same with your photos and make awesome slide shows, set to great music with your choice of transitions and effects!

Adobe Premier Elements 12

I recently had the chance to upgrade from my older version of Adobe Premiere Elements to Premiere Elements 12.  The newest version comes with great new features.  I have only skimmed the surface and made one short video but I really like the updated version because there is so much more you can do like add new film looks, spotlight your subject with motion tracking and the auto smart tone feature allows the software to get to know your style.


One of the things I like best about Premiere Elements is that anyone from novice to expert can use this software to create great movies, it is so user-friendly.  When you have made your move it is easy to share to Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, and all the other leading online sharing services and social media sites.
The Guided Edits can help you learn and master editing techniques to make your videos pop.  Have you ever wished you could create great looking videos but were intimidated because you thought it was way too difficult.  Well, now it is like you have your own instructor with you, showing you just how to do things.  Learn the ins and outs of editing your videos and soon people will be wishing they could create videos like yours.
Mommy Ramblings thinks Adobe Premiere Elements 12 makes a great gift for anyone that takes videos and wants user friendly software to organize, create and share their one of a kind movies with.  We are adding Adobe Premiere Elements 12 to our 2013 Holiday Gift Guide!!! Open to US and Canadian residents.
Adobe is sponsoring a giveaway on Mommy Ramblings!  Two lucky blog readers will win their own Adobe Premiere Elements 12!  Thank you Adobe for the review software and for sponsoring this creative giveaway on Mommy Ramblings!!!
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10 Responses to Adobe Premiere Elements Review & Giveaway For 2 Winners!!! #HolidayGiftGuide

  1. Jie

    Easily move objects

  2. Gianna

    Guided video edits for editing would work so well for my videos.

  3. I would like the feature to add music to your movies.

  4. Brian H

    My 11 year old would LOVE to have an Adobe program to edit his videos and share them with friends. The intuitive controls look to be just the thing for a novice movie maker. Add to that guided edits, automated options and the ability to move between Quick and Expert editing modes, and we have a perfect fit.

  5. Amanda K

    The Auto-Analyzer sounds quite helpful, so I don’t have to remember as much about each individual clip.

  6. Heather!

    The motion tracking feature would be helpful to add graphics to a moving subject.

  7. Laurie Nykaza

    Slide show set to music would be amazing to make

  8. Melissa Johnson

    Adjusting the color easily would be my pick!

  9. Connie

    I love the auto analyzer!

  10. Rochelle Sindelar

    I think it would be awesome to be able to “Slow down or speed up the action” in photos. This would be great for all the sports photos I take of my boys.

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