“Denton the Dragon in Tales of Bubbleland” Teaches Children Important Character Building Values Through Stories and Songs!!!

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Do you worry about the poor values and morals our kids are exposed to?  TV shows, music, performers and celebrities do not always present the kind of values we want to instill in our children.  Jeff Hutchins a father of 2 girls as well as a retired inventor and businessman, is the author of Denton the Dragon in Tales of Bubbleland.  This newly released book was written by Jeff to help parents and teachers teach children universal values like honesty, gratitude and how to treat others who are different.  The book contains 19 character building  stories  aimed at children 4-8 years old.

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The book is available in both home and school editions.  The school edition is made with the teacher in mind and comes in three over-sized, beautifully illustrated storybooks with an 18 week curriculum guide.  Designed to be read aloud to one child or an entire class,  they include the unique ability to show pictures to the children while the text remains visible to the reader.  The home edition is a beautiful hardback book with 19-tales featuring Denton the Dragon and his friends.  Both books were written to help parents and teachers teach character development in a fun and engaging way.


Children will be captivated by the stories and illustrations while parents and teachers will appreciate the large, easy to read book and the powerful discussions they act as a springboard for.  School editions are perfect for homeschooling moms and dads too!  Denton is a lovable and naive dragon that lives in Bubbleland.   Children are able to  easily relate to Denton and  understand and discuss life lessons based on his silly yet insightful experiences.
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I recently read one of the included stories, Hilwin, the Boy with Wheels.  This story was about differences and Hilwin is a little boy who uses a wheelchair. Denton was curious and through his curiosity we learn about some of the things Hilwin experiences, like people looking at him funny.  In the end it’s less about the ways they are different and more about how much they  have in common that resonates with kids.  The end of the book even includes a way to expand and get children engaged in conversation about the story.  You can download, Hilwin, the Boy with Wheels for free HERE!


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A safe entertainment section for kids is coming soon to the website.  The music section of the website features a collection of songs inspired by the Tales of Bubbleand produced by Jeff Hutchins and George Scott and performed and written by singer/songwriters like Billy Jonas, Jane Kramer, Timmy Abell and the Swayback Sisters.  You can check out the song section yourself HERE and even download a free song!!!  You can find Denton The Dragon on Facebook, and Twitter .  Check it out for yourself and leave a comment letting us know what you think!



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  1. Jeff Hutchins

    Thank you for your kind review of my books, Carolyn. I’m so grateful to you. I am proud the of high quality of the entire Denton project: the incredible illustrations, the mesmerizing video, the great curriculum guide for teachers, and the catchy songs, . I had the help of many talented, good-hearted people, including Jerald Pope, Lisa Sturz, Sybil Argintar, and the singer/songwriters you mentioned, plus Dave Foster, Jessica MacAdam, and an AMAZING new songwriting duo, Matt Gould and Griffin Matthews, whose inspiring new show WITNESS UGANDA is going to be the next great hit musical. (It opens in Boston on February 14.)

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