Why We Chose A Vigo Shower Panel for our Master Bath Shower!!! #CurbAppeal


The words shower panel still make some think of some sort of fiberglass panel used as a shower surround, but a shower panel is quite different.  A shower panel is actually a system of  a shower head and jets that is mounted in an enclosed shower.  The panels vary in amount of features they offer and there is a wide variety of options.  Vigo has a great selection of shower panels and I will admit it was hard to choose and that’s where their great customer service came into play.  I was directed to the newest models and was able to choose the perfect shower panel that had all the features we were looking for.

You probably remember the frameless shower doors we chose from Vigo Industries.  We went with a shower panel from Vigo Industries as well.  We chose a massaging shower panel with rain shower head and spray.

Shower Panel Full

The shower panel system is made of solid stainless steel which is designed to be lightweight, durable and corrosion resistant.  It perfectly matches the stainless steel trim of the coordinating shower doors.  An invigorating shower is what you get with six fully adjustable body spray massage jets.  The rain shower head and hand shower will ensure you are squeaky clean from head to toe.

Shower Panel Spray

Shower Panel Top

The massage jets are made of solid brass . Hot and cold integrated thermostatic valve control will ensure the perfect temperature and three individual volume controls allow you to regulate each function independently as well as the ability to use the shower head and the hand shower simultaneously.  Unit is pre plumbed for easy installation with stainless steel supply hoses and reinforced pipes on back.  Best of all it’s covered with a limited lifetime warranty.

8008 Shower panel

I cannot wait to show you the shower come together step by step so stay tuned to our curb appeal series as we are getting close to that point.  So what do you think?  Do you have a shower panel?  Have you thought about getting one?  Let me know your thoughts.  If you love this you can see all the Vigo Industries Shower Panels on their website as well as follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to get the latest updates.


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15 Responses to Why We Chose A Vigo Shower Panel for our Master Bath Shower!!! #CurbAppeal

  1. Renata

    I’ve never heard of a shower panel but it looks wonderful especially the shower jets too!

  2. Kimberly Schotz

    I love the sleek looks and would enjoy the six body jets.

  3. Georgiana

    Love the stylish decor and it is such a modern design.

  4. shelly peterson

    This would be super nice to have!

  5. Ray

    A very useful and exquisite design! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I don’t have one. But now I want one! Good luck.

  7. Let me wipe up the drool, oh how I would love to have this in my bathroom.

  8. Miranda Welle

    Wowza! That looks fantastic! I would LOVE to try that out!

  9. Janet W.

    Massage jets would be wonderful to have in my shower! I can’t wait to see all of your bathroom selections come together!

  10. Elizabeth

    Wow, this looks really nice. Can I shower at your place?

  11. Gianna

    That looks amazing, i’d love to check one of those out.

  12. Looks pretty cool – we need to replace our shower fixtures – may have to look into this,

  13. Melissa Johnson

    This looks amazing! I would love to have one in my shower!!

  14. Kenneth Baker

    Wow, it’s best that I don’t get one of these best shower panels. I’ll be in a shower for a whole day…

  15. This sounds pretty appealing. I like the style of modern showers. We are to change our shower panels and we might consider this brand!. Thanks for writing this.

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