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Rickshaw Bagworks

Do you take extra steps to shop local and buy locally made goods?  I know in our town we have special days during the holiday season where shopping local and supporting local businesses is highly encouraged.  It makes people feel good to support local businesses and help them prosper in a tough economy.  Along with buying locally, many people today think of where something is made, how it’s made and how the company gives back to the community.  You will hear a lot about fair trade, organic, sustainable and recycled materials, soy based inks and dyes, safe working conditions and manufacturing right in the USA.

When I shop for holiday gifts it means so much when I  can get a person something special that has a great story behind it.  For instance if the product I buy them was made by a company that cares about the environment and manufactures in a green way, employs local artisans, manufactures in the USA which provides jobs for Americans and pays fair wages, provides safe working conditions and turns out  high quality products, it’s a win-win.

Companies that are created as a result of purpose and passion serve as  an example that it’s possible to build a successful business doing or creating something that fuels your spirit, mind and body!

Rickshaw Bagworks is a new San Francisco-based bag company. Inspired by the creative energy of their city, urban cycling and an intense desire to make great products,   Rickshaw  was born to satisfy their own personal passion for bags. They know how people love their bags and how they grow attached to their favorite bag. Rickshaw knew that choosing the right materials is paramount to the durability of the bag. In Inc magazine article, How To Build a Sustainable Business, Rickshaw founder, Mark Dwight talks about how they partnered with one of the few remaining upholstery mills in North Carolina.  Working together they developed a proprietary collection of Rickshaw Performance Tweed: a gorgeous, rugged fabric made from recycled beverage bottles and finished with an eco-friendly, stain-resistant coating. With a little extra effort, Rickshaw developed a fabric that met their goals for sustainability, style, durability, and affordability.

There is something about urban living, big cities bring an excitement, diverse culture and creativity to its residents who reside in this fast-paced metropolitan environment filled with  palpable energy.  A mecca of art, music, restaurants, parks, theaters and more in every direction appeals to  city dwellers.  Rickshaw bags are the perfect choice for people who thrive on urban life and celebrate the creative spirit. Rickshaw may be a new company but they are not new to designing and manufacturing great bags.  In addition to the passion for bags, they embrace a strong set of humanistic, environmental and social values that guide the way they conduct every aspect of their business.  The name of the company is derived from three Japanese characters meaning “human powered vehicle”–delightfully apropos for a company making bags for bicycle enthusiasts, and their metaphor for the strength of the human spirit.


The Velo Collection is a great choice for the urban commuter. The ultra lightweight waterproof sailcloth backpack bags are made to order in San Francisco and feature a top loading main compartment. Seatbelt shoulder straps, signature reflective strip and light loops, included MacBook Pro sleeve, organizational front pocket and padded base and lumbar support ensure these bags are comfortable and useful.  Available in medium or large these backpacks are the perfect choice for all the urban dwellers and cyclists on your gift list.

VELO-Edition BackPack

The large Zero Messenger Bag is big enough to hold a 15″ laptop while the medium can handle a 13″ laptop.  Also made in San Francisco the name Zero is inspired by the minimal waste in the manufacturing process.  Featuring  quick adjust shoulder straps, front pockets, D Ring, and the ease of being machine washable make these bags convenient and functional.  There are small and mini options of the Zero Messenger Bag so it’s easy to find the right size bag that understands one size does not fit all!

Large Zero Messenger Bag

Stuffed Large Zero Bag

With a selection of commuter laptop bags, totes, limited edition styles, sleeves, pouches and even custom orders shopping for your favorite city lover has never been easier.  For more information or to see all the available bags and accessories  visit Rickshaw Bagworks.  You can also like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter to get all the latest news and updates.

City Messenger Rickshaw City Messenger


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