Choosing Sinks For Our New Master Bath Remodel!!!! #CurbAppeal #Houzer


Well, the tile is officially ordered and boy was that scary.  I always over think it and then wonder if I picked the right thing, lol. I know it will be great, it’s just such a big and highly permanent decision.  We also made another decision on the under mounted sinks.  I went with something a little bit different and chose 2 under mounted stainless steel oval basins from HOUZER.

One of the reasons I chose them is because with the shower doors and shower panel in the stainless, I think they will go perfectly.  I know it’s not something you normally see used, but I think it will work well.  What I really like about them is their quality, HOUZER sinkware is made from durable Type 304 stainless steel, an optimal mix of nickel and chrome, making their sinkware exceptionally resistant to corrosion and stains for the life of the product. It provides a hygienic, scratch-proof and resilient surface that requires minimal care and maintenance.  Each HOUZER sink is covered by a Lifetime Warranty to the original purchaser against any possible defects in materials and workmanship. HOUZER is not  satisfied unless their customers are totally satisfied with their products. A beveled edge on the outer rim of the under mount sinks provide increased structural rigidity for the entire sink span, and creates a smooth and finished look.  SpecPlus Edge is found only in HOUZER sinks.

And for the record my countertop is not blue like this.  It is going to be a granite or quartz and I have not picked the color yet.

And for the record my counter top is not blue like this. It is going to be a granite or quartz and I have not picked the color yet.

We also chose the  design with the overflow and they are already here at the house.  Now we just need to finalize all the other decisions and that needs to happen quick.  HOUZER carries  all kinds of sinks for kitchens and baths.

Houzer Black Sink


Houzer Bar


Houzer Farmhouse


Houzer Copper


Houzer Bar


Houzer Sink

You’ll find a HOUZER sink to match any design theme you have in mind; country to classic, transitional to ultra-contemporary. With arresting designs and sculptural details, HOUZER sink achieves a dazzling presence for your kitchen and are the perfect complement to professional-grade appliances set against today’s rich palette of stone, quartz, and solid surface counter tops.

Combining the highest quality materials and artisan’s attention to line and detail, HOUZER sinks are painstakingly crafted to satisfy the sophisticated consumer who demands the very best. Every aesthetic detail is enhanced on every sink we produce to provide lasting beauty and value to your home for years to come.

For over three decades, they’ve been improving millions of kitchens across America and overseas, one sink at a time.  At HOUZER, it’s their deep-seated belief that our sinks can make your life in the kitchen easier and more enjoyable. For more information or to browse their website and see all the products visit


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19 Responses to Choosing Sinks For Our New Master Bath Remodel!!!! #CurbAppeal #Houzer

  1. Casey

    These look amazing, I really like the kitchen ones!!

  2. Gianna

    I’m looking for something industrial sized for my kitchen.

  3. Excited to see how your bathroom turns out!

  4. Renata

    Gorgeous modern designs! I really like the sleek stylish architectural thought put into the sinks and so functional as well!

  5. Ray

    Great design shapes and architecture as these sinks are very unique.

  6. I over think too much myself LOL. I like the fifth sink the most is is so unique.

  7. Kimberly Schotz

    I like the SpecPlus Edge on the sinks

  8. logan t

    it has a very sharp look to them. this would look really good in my kitchen

  9. Lisa Brown

    i like the stainless ones, nice designs, not too trendy.

  10. Jennifer

    undermount sinks are SO much easier to clean and so streamlined looking!

  11. Casey R

    i really like the black double sink! our sink is pretty terrible and needs to be replaced. it’s a single sink, and i always think of the usefulness of a double. thanks for introducing me to this brand!

  12. shelly peterson

    looks like a great choice. Sounds like its going to last for a long time and its great it has a lifetime warranty.

  13. lisa lo

    The first 2 are my faves. These look great for the bath & kitchen.

  14. Janet W.

    The last picture is my favorite design! It’s wide enough to get both hands in there to clean.

  15. Nancy

    I like the sleek modern look of these sinks.

  16. Jeri

    Love the last one, the odd shape. Wouldn’t have thought of stainless for a sink. Lifetime warranty is a great selling point!

  17. Those look like nice sinks! I love bathroom decoration…is that weird. I do judge a place by it’s bathroom and if they have a sink from these guys, they might get a good score!

  18. Elizabeth

    These seem perfect for our backroom. That’s for the information.

  19. Melissa Johnson

    My husband and I have been discussing remodeling our half bath. Can’t wait to see the remodel.

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