Jaybird Headphones, Made For Active Lifestyles! Take A Look At The BlueBuds X!

Jaybird creates state of the art headphones for active people with active lifestyles.  If you love your music and listen to it while you run, bike, cross train or any other vigorous activity you’ll love Jaybird headphones.  Jaybird has a great selection of headphones like the game changing BlueBuds X.  The BlueBuds X patent pending X-Fit™feature let you wear them in the traditional under-ear style for music and calls or over-ear, designed for individuals who want a great sports music experience without feeling anything on their neck.

JayBird BlueBuds X

Shift™ Premium Bluetooth Audio rewrites Bluetooth!  Traditionally when sound is compressed on a phone or music player, sent through the air by Bluetooth connection, and decompressed by the Bluetooth headphones, there is a substantial amount of packet loss. It means your music comes through lacking some soul, lacking some punch, and with a certain amount of static-like white noise.

Jaybird perfected a custom implementation of the native Bluetooth SBC codec, called Shift™ that allows delivery of a level of purity and sound that rivals and challenges the very best in wired headphones. A great feature of Shift™ is that it’s pair and play, meaning, nothing special is required on your phone or music device, just standard Bluetooth, Shift™ takes care of the rest.

Jaybird studied the impact of vocals on the ear over extended listening periods, and observed a very interesting phenomenon that even wired headphones today are not addressing. Did you know all in-ear headphones (wired or wireless) create white noise? Both the speaker diaphragm and your ear canal have their own impedance or resonance frequency.  If they don’t match precisely, they create a mirroring effect resulting in white noise feedback, noticeable as harsh sounds in the vocal area. This results in listener fatigue. Jaybird’s on-board filtering system, called, PureSound™ filters out and eliminates the white noise, delivering a clean audio experience, offering hours of pure enjoyment.

Jaybird BlueBuds X

Voice prompt technology called Jenna™ makes it simple to get to your first track.  Put your headphones on, hold the power button and Jenna™ takes over saying, “power on”, then “headphones connected”.  Push play and your music begins plus Jenna™ helps with you pairing too.

SignalPlus™ gives you the ability to run and play sports outdoors while using your music device anywhere on your body without experiencing the limitations of your body getting between the devices and blocking your signal.  You can even leave your phone/music device in your bag at the gym and workout at a good distance without losing or dropping the signal.

BlueBuds X

JayBird knows athletes because they are athletes with passion.  Their passion is to get the products right and they offer a lifetime warranty against sweat on all JayBird products.  To further enhance their lifetime warranty against sweat, BlueBuds X feature Liquipel Sweat Repellant Nano Technology.  Liquipel Sweat Repellant Nano Technology is a super hydrophobic process that provides the BlueBuds X with added protection from exposure to sweat or the elements.

BlueBuds X are simply the smallest Bluetooth headphones in the world, add in the remarkable playtime, the BlueBuds X are simply the most progressive Bluetooth headphones available.

You may know the saying that dynamite comes in small packages and that totally describes BlueBuds X.  BlueBuds X are the smallest Bluetooth headphones available, yet they pack an incredible 8 hours of play time, double that of which was previously possible from a product this small. Enjoy a full day of music and calls, or work out an hour a day for an entire week on a single charge!

BlueBuds X Curled

To purchase Jaybird BlueBuds X or any of the other great headphones they make click HERE!

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  1. Janet W.

    I love that these have Liquipel Sweat Repellant Nano Technology. My son in law would love to have these while he works out in the mornings!

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