Choosing The Perfect Frameless Shower Doors For Your Bathroom!!! #CurbAppeal

‘We are making progress on our master bath remodel.  There are so many decisions to make regarding tile, colors, vanities, tubs, showers and more that it can be overwhelming.  I really want to make choices that will enhance our home, add value and functionality. Having built our home, I have been through this before.  At that time there were so many decisions to make about everything it definitely got overwhelming, and there was no internet or Pinterest to help with great images or inspiration.  So last I updated we chose our tile and now I have picked our shower doors.  I like the way clear shower doors look in pictures but to tell you the truth, I do not think they would suit our bathroom. First off, my bathroom is large but when you walk in you look straight across to the shower.  If the glass were totally clear it would be the first thing you see and there would be no privacy if someone accidentally walked in on someone showering. Also, if the shower was not perfectly arranged I think it would look messy because the clear glass shows everything.  I also think the clear glass would be tiresome to take care of because of the spots and streaks that would show if you were not meticulous.

Frameless Clear Shower Doors

I love frameless doors but I decided on frosted glass and I am very comfortable with my decision.

Framless Frosted Shower Doors

Even after deciding on the glass there were other decisions on the doors to make such as the finish on the door trim and whether I wanted a sliding door or one that opens out.  I chose the sliding option just because I would be afraid of my little ones coming in and slamming it accidentally and I know it would make me a wreck.

Outward Opening Frameless Shower Door #curbappeal


The sliding option cost more but not as much as my sanity.  There were only 2 choices for the trim and I chose the stainless steel over chrome, again pricier but I think easier to care for and more high-end than chrome which is fitting of a master bath.

Stainless Steel Accents Shower Doors #curbappeal

 The company I dealt with for the shower components was Vigo Industries and they were excellent and the gentleman that assisted me was helpful and answered all my questions.  He even preferred the frosted glass as well which made me feel even more secure with my choice.  So what are your thoughts on shower doors? Do you have clear glass frameless?  Do you love or hate them or have a love, hate relationship with them?  Do you have frosted frameless doors?  Are you happy with them or do you regret having picked them?  Share your thoughts with me on the comments for this post and keep following because we are going to cover every step of the way the progress of our bathroom and show you from start to finish how our bathroom comes together in our curb appeal series.




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67 Responses to Choosing The Perfect Frameless Shower Doors For Your Bathroom!!! #CurbAppeal

  1. Nancy

    This looks cry nice. It is quite sleek and modern!

  2. Janet W.

    Honestly, I love your decision. Sometimes I feel like there is no privacy in my home, so I would go with the frosted glass as well. I love the sliding door feature, too!

  3. cortney t

    I love the frosted glass look! I really wish I could redo our bathrooms to something more modern like this!

  4. These are so sleek and modern looking, very nice. we have an integrated tub and shower without doors.

  5. Carrie

    Wow. These are gorgeous. So modern. When I redo my bathroom these are definitely something I want to look into

  6. kimberly schotz

    I have never seen a frameless shower door. I like the look, so sleek and modern.

  7. Renata

    Lovely Shower Door Design- So chic, sleek and modern for any stylish bathroom!

  8. Ray

    These look very nice for any bathroom and very functional too.

  9. Jessica B.

    We have a regular shower curtain in our bathroom, but I really like the look of the frosted glass. It is probably a good idea that you went with the sliding doors too. Looks nice!

  10. Meredith

    fancy!!! very modern I like it

  11. Miranda Welle

    I love this look! So sleek. If we ever add on another bathroom, I’d love to have it look so nice.

  12. Andrea Rust

    I love the look of the glass. I’d be interested in knowing if it’s hard to keep clean.

  13. Karen Medlin

    I like the frosted look, gives you a bit of privacy. I agree with you on the choosing the stainless steel over chrome, makes it so much easier to keep clean and it looks nice. I don’t have a shower door on our shower in the 2nd bathroom, just a curtain thinking of upgrading next spring when we have more house projects on our to do list.

  14. Nancy

    I like this understated, modern look!

  15. Sonya M

    I’d never heard of frameless doors, but those look really cool! Also, 100% agree with your choice to go with frosted glass; clear glass has always seemed rather weird and over-exposed to me.

  16. Casey

    This looks very great!!!

  17. meredith

    we currently have a frosted glass one, i personally like regular clear glass. I think it depends on the location though. I would not want clear glass for our downstairs bathroom because thats the one our guests would use which could make for uncomfortable stay if an accident were to happen lol

  18. Heather S.


  19. Carrie

    I like your choice a lot. We don’t have a shower door, but if we did, I would also want frosted glass. I like the frameless idea. I would think it would be easier to keep clean.

  20. joanna garcia

    i love the frosted look! absolutely beautiful! great taste!

  21. Lisa Brown

    gorgeous door, great decision!

  22. MaryAnn

    Very nice! When we buy a house I want shower doors. So much nicer than a shower curtain.

  23. courtney b

    very future like looking 🙂 i hope one day i get a shower like this! :0

  24. I think you made a great choice…very clean, modern and most important…timeless

  25. Jennifer Marohn

    I wish we had shower doors rather than having to use shower curtains. I feel like so much water gets out and there is no way to really clean those nasty shower curtains.

  26. stephanie

    i would love to have this

  27. kfloveinme

    I love it! We’re in the process of buying a house and your shower door is definitely an inspiration. Looking forward to seeing it finished

  28. logan t

    we are looking into getting a glass shower put in our house right now . this just makes the deal! really nice

  29. Allison

    looks great. We have a shower curtain for our tub/shower combo but this would be great for a separate shower.

  30. Laura Jacobson

    Oh wow! That is beautiful! I love the frosted you picked! I would love to put that in my bathroom! So classy!

  31. shelly peterson

    Great decision. this looks super nice. I would for sure go with frosted glass as well.

  32. Elizabeth

    Very nice. I will have to see if these are in our budget when we put our new shower door in. Thanks!

  33. Ashley Lattin

    I’d love to have it, but I have a crazy ten month old and two dogs that SNOT on everything. They call it nose art? Are these easy to clean?

  34. They’re pretty, but considering we only have one bathroom and my boys are getting older I’d need something with a little more coverage than “frosted”! 😉

  35. Marysa

    WE are actually in the middle of remodeling our master bath. This would be perfect for us, we need a frameless door and a glass panel on the side of the shower between the shower and jacuzzi.

  36. I like your choices. I would have chosen the frosted glass for exactly the same reasons. I have older, clear glass and it always looks dirty, even when I clean it. I’d have chosen sliding, too, because I just don’t think there’s any reason for a door to flip out into the room to get left open and run into by people (me).

  37. Jennifer

    Defiantly the sliding door with frosted glass. Sleek, Stylish, easy to clean, and some privacy!

  38. Amy

    Oh my. Our big struggle is how to keep the mildew from accumulating on the 3 liners it takes to surround the claw foot tub in our tiny bathroom!!

  39. Kari Heiting

    Those are nice- I like that they look so sleek & clean.

  40. Julie

    Wow, these are way nicer than any I have seen!

  41. Lauren Wagner

    I love this idea and may possibly use this in our future home. We live in military base housing now so do not have this option.

  42. That looks amazing! I want one

  43. christina p

    THese shower doors are beautiful, it makes me want to replace what I have currently. Definately in my next house.

  44. Marie Gudin

    I LOVE the look of the frameless shower doors. They are also easier to clean. I can’t stand having to scrub the tracks of the shower doors. Not to mention if you use the frameless doors on a bathtub and you can actually put your feet on the side of the tub since there’s no railing. It’s a no brainer all around!

  45. kimberly

    schmancy – like a hotel bathroom.

  46. Emelie

    The frosted glass is awesome. I hadn’t seen any like these before. I think I like this style better than the half door style we were looking at in our local tile shop recently. I may have to copy your choice!

  47. Jennifer

    holy fancy door i love it! and so much better than our clear shower curtain (the little ones freak out if they cant see you… we keep the exersaucer in the bathroom so i can acutally shower!)

  48. Candy Stephenson-Otoya

    I like the frosted glass!

  49. Amy

    I do not think i could shower in a shower like that. its too open feeling for me lol.

  50. Meg

    Love this! You will definitely be gappy with the frosted glass. It would be a hard choice between the sliding and door but the thought of little visitors slamming the glass door brings up a good point!

  51. Casey R

    i’ve honestly never even seen this before, but i love the sleek look of it!

  52. michelle

    If i had a shower i would want a frameless door- so modern looking!

  53. melanie pio

    I love the frosted glass doors!!!

  54. Heather

    frosted for more privacy 🙂

  55. Shauna

    I would definitely prefer frosted and frameless. Frosted for privacy, both for easier to keep clean.

  56. Katie

    I think what you chose is gorgeous, although I prefer clear glass. I would definitely choose stainless over chrome too. Honestly, I would love to just have shower doors at all, I hate the way shower curtains cling to me. 😉

  57. Meredith

    Very sleek and modern looking. Love the frameless , easier to clean without the frame getting water build up

  58. Teresa Honores

    love it!! this is great so sleek and modern looking i love it!

  59. anncharlotte

    Frosteded for sure!

  60. anncharlotte

    Frosteded for sure!

  61. Mandy Burns

    It looks nice in the space…plus, if it’s functional for you than that’s all that matters 😉

  62. Sonya Morris

    I love the frameless shower doors and agree about the privacy issue but with kids I never have a moment by myself!

  63. Jeri

    Love the frameless door. I am remodeling our main bath and trying to create a shore stall around a whirlpool tub. This might be my solution!!

  64. Thomas Murphy

    This looks awesome! I would love to have it.

  65. Patricia N

    We have a frameless shower door that is not frosted. If I had to do it over again, I would probably choose the frosted. Ours is clear, but is showing some spotting after eight years.

  66. Steven James

    These are so smooth and novel looking, very nice. I wish one day I get a shower like this!

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