Stokke Scoot™, Urban Compact Stroller Review & Giveaway!!!

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Stokke®  is a brand we love at Mommy Ramblings.  We have 3 of the Tripp Trapp® high chairs and they are not only for our 2 youngest little ones, but you will find adults of all shapes and sizes choosing to sit in them.  Truly, it is a quality brand and one I feel is worthy of sharing with others.  With 5 kids I have been through my share of strollers.  I feel a stroller is something where quality cannot be compromised, since it involves the safety of your child and cradles their developing bodies.

A stroller also needs to have features that make it parent friendly as well.  Cup holders, adjustable height handle, ease of use, weight and ability to maneuver well are so important.  The Stokke® Scoot™ has you covered with all of these areas and so much more.  I was blown away by the amount of features and extras included with this stroller as I have other high-end strollers which did not include most of the accessories that the Stokke ®Scoot™ does.

Assembly was so easy that it was almost unbelievable.  I didn’t need tools, but just pushed the front wheels in and the back wheels just snapped in pushing from the side.  In less than a minute all four wheels were on and pardon the pun, we were almost ready to roll.  The 2 way, front facing or rear facing seat goes on just as easy and you hear the clicks and see the safety lock indicator so you know it’s secure.  The harness is adjustable to three heights, there is a nice big mesh basket under for storage and so many configuration on the seat and foot rests.  You can have the seat facing the parent and click the adjustable foot rest in three different positions.  You can turn the seat around so it is facing out and add the adjustable footrest above the fixed one for your child’s comfort. Seat features 4 upright to reclining positions to easily adjust for your child’s comfort.

Stokke Scoot Diagram

There is an optional car seat attachment kit that will accommodate most infant car seats.   It has one of the best canopy hoods for sun, rain and wind protection I have ever seen in a stroller.  There is even an additional zip on visor that adds even more sun shielding protection. A zipper on the canopy opens to reveal a mesh ventilation opening that can double as a viewing window when child is front facing.

Stokke Scoot Softbag


There is an optional Stokke® Scoot ™ for young babies-6 months old that has slots for the harness to go through to keep little ones warm, snuggly and secure.  The included rain cover will keep little passengers dry and the net cover will keep the biting bugs away.  The brake is easy to engage and disengage with just a touch of your foot.  The stroller maneuvers nimbly and with ease even with an older toddler through all kinds of strolls, narrow places or crowds.  From the mall to roads of all kind this stroller rolls easily even on the country roads I live on  that are less than smooth and straight.

stokke scoot folding

I was able to push my son with ease in all situations and he is about 30 lbs.  He also was very comfortable and I could even add the adjustable footrest up a bit from the fixed since his little legs still need a bit to grow.  He could relax with room in the recline position and felt super comfy.

Folding the Stokke® Scoot™ is easy and what really makes me happy is that the seat even though a cinch to remove, does not need to be  to fold the stroller.  That is one extra step you can skip and so helpful when you are trying to do so in inclement weather, trying to board public transportation, or with cranky little people in tow.  You simply push up the bottom of the seat and then grab hold of the white release and it folds with ease.  For the most compact folding make sure you set the adjustable handle to its lowest position.  It is light enough to pick up with one hand and fits in the back of my van with a load of room to spare.

The Stokke® Scoot™  has modern styling  that appeals to moms and dads in an available rainbow of vibrant colors. Whether in the city, country, traveling, using public transportation or your own vehicle; Stokke® Scoot™ is a compact, urban stroller that will take you where you need to go in style.  Bottom line is the Stokke® Scoot™ is a stroller that I highly recommend and has the quality to be used for your first child to your last.  Check it out HERE, I think you will be glad you did. The Stokke® Scoot™ has a retail price of $599.99, for more information or to purchase click HERE.  You can keep up with all the latest news on the Stokke® Facebook Page and follow Stokke® on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

Stokke Scoot Assembly


Stokke Scoot Wheels


Stokke Scoot Front Wheel Assembly


Installing Stokke Scoot Front Wheels


Stokke Scoot Rear Wheel Assembly


Ready to Install Stokke Scoot Rear Wheel


Stokke Scoot Wheels

Stokke Scoot Seat


Stokke Scoot Cup Holder


Stokke Scoot Visor



Stokke Scoot Upright FF


Stokke Scoot FF Recline


Stokke Scoot With Softbag


Stokke Scoot Brake


Forward Facing Rear View Stokke Scoot


Forward Facing Stokke Scoot


Stokke Scoot Harness


stokke scoot reclining


stokke scoot Luke reclining


stokke scoot Luke-1


Folding Stokke Scoot



Folding Stokke Scoot Stroller


Stokke Scoot Folding


Stokke Scoot Folded


Stokke Scoot Folded in Van


Stokke® is sponsoring a giveaway on Mommy Ramblings.  One lucky blog reader will win their own red Stokke Scoot ™ Stroller!  Thank you to Stokke® for the review stroller and for sponsoring this awesome giveaway on Mommy Ramblings!!! Open to US and Canadian residents.

Stokke® Scoot™ Compact, Urban Stroller Giveaway on Mommy Ramblings Rules:

Please enter to win a Red Stokke® Scoot™ Stroller using the Rafflecopter widget below.

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106 Responses to Stokke Scoot™, Urban Compact Stroller Review & Giveaway!!!

  1. Gianna

    Tripp Trapp and HandySitt.
    I would love to win because I had another baby 🙂

  2. Janet W.

    I also like the Tripp Trapp® chair because it grows with child over the years! I’d like to win this red stroller because I love how the color is visible and my grandson could really use a compact stroller, especially for when we run errands together!

  3. Andrea Amy

    I would love to win because my stroller is broken but i still need one. My youngest son is 3, but i don’t drive and our walks tend to be too far for him, but I don’t currently have the funds to replace the stroller that just broke.

  4. amy pugmire

    They have so many great products. I love the tripp trapp.

  5. Tina T

    I would love to try the Stokke carrier! With 4 kids, I could always use an extra hand! I would love to win this stroller for my newborn. We are an Army family that moves every 3 years and I have never had the chance to have a baby shower with any of my kids so we usually buy used baby gear. This would be a blessing! Thank you!

  6. Thomas Murphy

    I want to win the red Stokke Scoot Stroller because its one of the best ones on the market and I like the Stokke MyCarrier.

  7. katy

    I also love their Sleepi crib! Their designs are amazing.

    We are expecting our first baby in December, and this stroller looks like the perfect solution for us!


  8. Carl

    The Tripp Trapp looks pretty cool. I know a number of young families that could use this excellent stroller including my niece and her husband. It would make a great gift for them.

  9. carla g

    ilove the tripp trapp high chair. so neat. I would love to win this to cart my son around 🙂

  10. Amanda Sakovitz

    I also like the TRIPP TRAPP® Chair and I would love to win this stroller because its beautiful and has a lot of great features

  11. Carmen Van Deursen

    I like the STOKKE® CARE™ Natural and how smart it converts later into a desk.

  12. Aura

    the tripp trapp is very nice because it can be used at any age and I would like the stroller because it looks nice and I can use a new one

  13. Natalie S

    I also love the Tripp Trapp High Chair by Stokke – especially the walnut color. I would LOVE to win this amazing stroller for my 1 year old – I have been drooling over it for a while now! 🙂

  14. Sonya Morris

    I would love to have the HandySitt! I would love to have the Scoot for when we are traveling because it is more compact than ours. Plus Stokke makes such amazing products for moms and babies!

  15. Cassandra Eastman

    I would also love a Tripp Trapp! I’d love to try the red Stokke Scoot because my daughter loves to parent face, so I really like that it has the option to do that! It looks like it’d be a great stroller for walks and shopping.

  16. alexis janiszewski

    I also like the TRIPP TRAPP chair! Love the red! I would like to win this because i haven’t had this brand yet, but i hear great things!!!!

  17. Lisa Smith

    I like the Stokke® HandySitt®

  18. Stephanie Ann

    I love the STOKKE Trapp!!

  19. Jessica

    I really like the shape Stokke Care changing table. It seems very practical! I would love to win this because we recently moved and our stroller got badly damaged in the move.

  20. Kimberly Schotz

    I like the Stokke Tripp Trapp Chair. I like the Stokke Scoot Urban because it is so stylish and Stokke makes quality items.

  21. Katrina

    Love the Tripp Trapp and HandySitt.
    We just had a second and I adore my explory but we need a seat for both kiddos!

  22. meredith

    I like the STOKKE® CARE™ Natural- I would like to win since we need a stroller and the red one is super cool!

  23. Rochel S

    I also like their Tripp Trapp! I would love the stroller because I love bright, bold colors and I know that stokke is a very well known trusted brand! I love the way the stroller looks!

  24. Denise

    I like the Stokke Scoot Stroller – it’s modern and something I wouldn’t mind pushing my daughter in

  25. Tina M

    i like the SLEEPI Crib/Bed Natural. I’m due in Jan, i’d like to win this for myself

  26. amy pugmire

    Thanks! I would love to win this for my niece who is due in January and we will be trying for number 4 here real soon 🙂

  27. Wendy W.

    Also love the Stokke Tripp Trapp! I would love to win this because my baby is in desperate need of a new stroller!

  28. Miranda Mora

    I like their sleepi crib, that’s one product I didn’t know they had before just taking a look. Its really nice! I want this stroller soooo bad because I just found out the stroller I had gotten for my shower doesn’t fit in the trunk of my car and I need to get something smaller but I like my stroller and am so disappointed to have to downgrade. This for sure wouldn’t be downgrading though! 🙂

  29. MaryAnn

    I like the Stokke Bassinet and I want to win this stroller for my newborn daughter.

  30. happymomc

    Love the tripp trapp high chair! Would love the stroller for my second baby!

  31. Casey

    TRIPP TRAPP® Chair Natural

  32. Laurel O.

    I also really like the Stokke Care changing table in Walnut Brown or Espresso. I would love to win the Stokke Scoot Stroller because it is smaller and lighter in weight than the double stroller we currently have. My husband and I are talking about having another baby sometime soon and this would fit better for our family. It is also a nice stroller to use with our toddlers in the meantime.

  33. Lindsey D.

    I also like the Tripp Trapp chair

  34. Karen Medlin

    I also like the design of the Stokke Handy Sitt portable child seat. Love to win, with busy and on the go, we need a stroller that is easy to fold and carry while I struggle with a diaper bag, fussy baby.. along with a stroller that our gal can grow with and we don’t need to purchase another one when she gets bigger


    Visited the site and I really like STOKKE SLEEPI Crib – Walnut because it is such a unique design!

    I would love to win the Scoot Urban because I think it would be the perfect stroller for my son, I like that it is lightweight and has 4 recline positions.

  36. Betty Baez

    I like the tripp trapp chair! I would love to win the red stokke scoot for my youngest his brother has outgrown our twin stroller so now i’m in need of a single stroller and this one looks great!

  37. lana

    the stokke trapp is awesome

  38. adina

    the tripp trapp and I’d like to win a red stroller as my daughter has a blue one from her three older brothers!

  39. brooke t

    the stroage is so much bigger!! and i like the tripp-trapp!

  40. Samantha Hill

    I also like the car seat adaptor. I’d like to win, as #4 is on his/her way. 😉

  41. Nicole N.

    I am so in love with this stroller! Every review I see cements in my mind that this stroller is the way to go for us! Thanks!

  42. Caroline

    I love their tripp trapp chair but my gosh their designs are so modern and great any of their products are great. I would LOVE to win this stroller because we are going on our first family trip to DISNEY soon and this would be the perfect compact stroller to scoot my baby around in 🙂

  43. Stephanie

    I like the Xplory because the seat is intetchangeable with the Scoot chassis. I want to win for my friend!

  44. Jessica

    I like the Tripp Trapp as well. I would love to win a red Stokke Scoot for my youngest child. Having a compact, lightweight stroller like this would be amazing!

  45. Dianne Hall

    The Crusi stroller looks wonderful. BUT I love this compact one 🙂

  46. courtney b

    I’ve always wanted one of those trip trap p high chairs cause they seem so cool! and I love the red, never had a red stroller and just had a boy!

  47. Kenny Hall

    I am loving the Black Tripp Trapp

  48. Melondy B

    I absolutely adore the Stokke Crusi but it is out of my price range. I love to win the Scoot because it is absolutely stunning. It has all of the bells and whistles what more can you ask for in a stroller. : )

  49. Angela Y

    I like the black tripp trapp chair.

  50. Thabal

    My favorite feature of Stokke scoot is ‘4 recline to upright positions’. Love the rest and active positions. Another product from Stokke I love is ‘Organic MyCarrier 3 in 1 baby carrier’ . Thanks for the giveaway.

  51. Brittany Sims Chelette

    I’m torn between the Stokke Sleepi and the Stokke Crusi (but I certainly already love the Scoot!). We would love to win because I have ALWAYS wanted a reversible seating stroller! Plus the red is gorgeous and its compact to boot 🙂

  52. Jammie

    I also like the TRIPP TRAPP® Chair Red and I would like to win because my niece is having a baby soon and this would be perfect for her.

  53. Susan DeVaux

    I would like to win this stroller because we are expecting a little one next year! I also like the Tripp Trapp stroller. The colors are so nice!

  54. How nice! I went to their site and I also like the Tripp Trapp® and HandySitt! I’d like to win this stroller, because I’m expecting my first baby (girl!) next month and we need a stroller for her. Thanks for the opportunity!

  55. Edit:

    This would be great to win because my sister is having a little one so I would gift it to her 🙂

  56. Lisa Gonzalez

    I love the xplory. I want the red scoot for my daughter she was just born in august

  57. Amy T

    I got a used stroller and it doesn’t sit up, it only reclines and it is starting to fall apart from 11 months of use. I would buy the Scoot or the Xplory if I had the money.

  58. Lisa E

    i love the Tripp Trapp highchair ! I want to win this for my baby boy!

  59. Denise Konkel

    I also love the Tripp Trapp high chair! My daughter would use this in a few months! Also, this is one amazing stroller and I am praying I win!

  60. Tara

    I never knew they made carriers. I would be interesting in trying one of them out also. My husband and I are expecting, so it would be great to have a nice modern looking stroller. I love that you can collapse it one handed. The red color is great because it is so vibrant.

  61. Erin S

    I also like the Tripp Trapp Chair. I would love to win this stroller because I could use it for my daughter! Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  62. Ellen B

    I like the Stokke MyCarrier – these products look very well made and would easily last through more than one baby – I would love to try them

  63. I love the TRIPP TRAPP® Chair Walnut Brown and I would love to win the stroller because I have a really heavy double stroller but only have 1 kid that rids in a stroller now.

  64. Theresa J

    I would love to have the tripp trapp and the red scoot is gorgeous and easy to use. I love the one hand fold

  65. Jonathan Baker

    I like the Tripp Trapp high chair!

  66. lisa bolduc

    i would pick the Tripp Trapp chair. i would also like to win this stroller as i am due with my first in feb

  67. Nicole

    I love their carrier as well! Would love to win the stroller since I am pregnant!

  68. Dana a

    I would also love a sleepi…it’s so unique and modern. I would love to win this stroller cuz I always get cheaper strollers to save money and regret it later. I would love to own one thing that I feel proud to have. Thanks

  69. Anne N.

    I also like the tripp trapp high chair. I would like to win this as my daughter is outgrowing her infant stroller and need a larger one.

  70. Jamie

    I like the handysitt, it seems like it would be great to take along to restaurants or when we visit friends. I would love to win the stroller because it looks so much more versatile than the one we have, and it looks super comfy for my son!

  71. Angie Moeller

    I like the Handy Sitt

  72. cortney t

    I would also like the tripe trappe high chair! I would love to win this for my son. He hates our current stroller because it doesn’t face me.

  73. Morgan K

    A friend of mine has the Tripp Trapp and it’s pretty awesome. I would like to get that too. Wife is pregnant…was looking at strollers and their prices…the red one looks pretty sweet and a free red scoot sounds even better…would definitely help offset the cost of all the other items we’ll have to get.

  74. Jessica waters

    I love the Tripp Trapp, so much fun to have a grow with me chair!

    We’re expecting #4 and our twins still need their double stroller, it’s time for a nice single 🙂

  75. Julie Bolduc

    I love the STOKKE Trapp, I love how easy it looks to fold and use!!!

  76. Rachael

    I love the stokke cots and the fact they can be made larger as your baby grows. I would love to win this because I am expecting my first in spring next year! 🙂

  77. cortney t

    what do we fill in the blank with for the vote on pfb option? I’ve been putting my email but I guess I should of asked first.

  78. cacie

    The tripp trapp chair would be of good use in our household.

  79. eleanor

    I like the STOKKE® MYCARRIER and I would absolutely love to win this for my newborn!

  80. Daisy

    the Stokke® Sleepi™ Bed

  81. Jennifer B

    This stroller looks so chic!

  82. Kristina W

    I love the Tripp Trapp. I would like to win this because I’m in the market for a new stroller and one hand fold is a must.

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