Choosing The Perfect Tile For Your Bathroom!!!

Monday morning they are going to start removing tile from our master bathroom.  We had a leak in our house and it caused a great deal of damage and so we have to have our whole master bath redone as well as our master bedroom, part of our family room and downstairs hallway.  We are going to be covering it in our curb appeal series.  My master bath is pretty large and has a very long approximately 12 foot double vanity, shower, huge whirlpool, very large linen closet and a separate room for the toilet.  It has imported Italian tile five feet up the walls in most areas and straight up to the ceiling in the shower and whirlpool areas, of course there is a tile floor and tiled steps leading to the Jacuzzi.  We designed and built this house so it is very nerve-wracking to see the destruction of something I have such fond memories of creating.  However, picking tile was one of the worst parts.  There are so many decisions when building a house, especially when you design it yourself.  It is not like you buy in a development and they sit you down with certain colors of carpet, tile, appliances etc and you just choose.  That’s easy!
Picking New Tile

I truly remember completely breaking down in the designer kitchen showroom over all of the choices and decisions.  Anyway, a few years ago when I had to choose tile for a backsplash, I actually told my kitchen designer to come with what he thought would look best.  He brought over 2 styles he liked best and I choose the one I liked.  I  was so happy not to have to browse and sort through panels of tile in a showroom.  In the end I love my backsplash.

Tile Choices


So today when I had to go and pick out new tile for the master bath, I started to get very panicky.  When in the showroom, I looked at every sample, panel etc..  They asked me if I saw anything I liked and my answer was, “too much!”  In the end the owners of the showroom helped me choose when I showed them a few styles and color pallets I liked.  They even helped me switch out the borders for a glass tile with lovely bronze metal accents that looks so great.  The owner is also installing the tile, as he has worked for me before and does gorgeous work.  I ended up going with a subway tile for the walls but not shiny, it is more of a stone subway tile and a 12″ by 12″ in the same collection for the floor. He is doing something different all around the whirlpool and the stairs, then we are going to do the glass border and top it with bull nose trim.  I feel like a huge weight is lifted off my shoulders with that decision.  That’s not the end.  I still have to pick out the granite for the vanity and finally decide on the design of the new vanity, the shower is picked out and will be tiled with the subway tile and border with gorgeous frameless glass shower doors and marble ledges and massaging shower panel.  Still have to pick mirrors and vanity lighting but almost at the end of picking and choosing.

Glass Tile

So what do you think about buying tile, do you go for trendy?  Bold colors or warm neutrals?  I don’t go for trendy even if some of you may think subway tile is trendy, it is not the trendy kind that will scream 2013!  The stone look of the porcelain makes it look classic and timeless.  That is what I want and I am really happy with it.  It is an Italian Porcelain Tile and with the glass and metal border it really pops in a classic way.  I think having the image in my mind will help me deal with the destruction of my bathroom and all the feelings that brings up.

So anyway back to the title of my post, my advice for picking tile is to back away from the truly trendy and crazy colors because those kind of looks are so yesterday so fast, and tile is something that you’re not going to want to replace every couple of years.  That won’t  be easy on you wallet because tile is expensive!!!  Remember when making the purchase it’s something you’re going to  be living with for a long time, make sure it is something that you won’t tire of. There are lots of designs that may seem  fabulous in the store, but are they really something you want to see every single day?  Maybe they are just  nice if they were in someone else’s home that you visit a couple of times a year.  After you decide on the perfect tile, make sure you have a knowledgeable installer.  Nothing worse than a beautiful tile that is installed by someone who is less than experienced and you are left with crooked tile, or bulges because of too much thin set etc.  Don’t skimp or cut corners where it counts.  I will keep you all updated on the progress.  Are you working on any home improvement projects right now?  Comment and let us know, we would love to hear about your adventures.

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  1. We recently had our second bathroom redone and we choose a neutral color and something that was not too fancy. I figured if we went too trendy we may not like it in the long run.

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