Vessel Sinks Nay, Farmhouse Sinks Yay!!!

Let’s Talk About Sinks!!!

Well, we are in the middle of a bunch of remodeling projects. We will be bringing you them in their entirety in our curb appeal series.  Some of our remodeling was planned while the master bath and master bedroom was not our choice but due to a plumbing leak we were left with no choice.  I will fill you in on all that later in the series.

However, I have been thinking about sinks.  I have to tell you I hate vessel sinks, I absolutely abhor them. I know that may sound harsh but all I think about when I see them is what a pain they would be to clean and how messy they would get.  It could be because I am a mom of five, but all I see are globs of toothpaste running down the side, gooey sticky messes all over that have to be cleaned and wiped down constantly.  I also see it as a trend that in a few years will scream “Dated!”  I am more into classic, traditional, nothing that is too out there but styles that stand the test of time for the most part.  So rest assured you will not see vessel sinks in my new master bath.


Yeah, so not happening.  It makes me feel crazed just looking at it like a bowl I need to put away.

Yeah, so not happening. It makes me feel crazed just looking at it like a bowl I need to put away.


However, you will see a huge, stainless steel farmhouse sink in my laundry room remodel.  I cannot wait for that laundry room to be finished so I can use that sink.  We still have quite a bit of work though so my farmhouse sink and super cool faucet stay in their boxes for now but I cannot wait to show you the progress of all the projects right through to the final reveals.  




So your turn weigh in on vessel and farmhouse sinks and let me know where you stand.


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2 Responses to Vessel Sinks Nay, Farmhouse Sinks Yay!!!

  1. Janet W.

    LOL that sink does look like a bowl that needs to go to the kitchen! I’m definitely more traditional and would choose a sink that wouldn’t go out of style.

  2. Tara

    Isn’t remodeling fun? I love getting to choose exactly how my house looks. We have slowly been updating ours since we purchased it. One thing I learned with faucets. The more holes and knobs, the more places to leak. I have, soon to be had, something similar to the third picture. I am going to be replacing it with something like the fourth picture.

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