Pompeian Extra Virgin Olive Oil Review & Money Saving Coupons!!!



Pompeian Extra Virgin Olive Oil is committed to freshness from harvest to table ensuring that only the finest olives are selected. Pompeian Extra Virgin Olive Oil is extremely low in acidity, which accounts for its robust taste and heady fragrance. The nuances of the flavor can be especially enjoyed in dressings, salads, vinagrettes or as a table condiment for dipping bread of crudité.



Enjoy the taste of Pompeian Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the satisfaction of knowing that it’s the first olive oil to be approved for the USDA quality-monitoring program! USDA quality monitoring program verifies the purity and quality of the olive oil through rigorous USDA product testing and review of production processes.

As a Smiley 360 blogger I was recently selected to receive and try Pompeian Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  I was very eager as we love cooking with extra virgin olive oil and know how healthy it is.  It really is assuring to know that it is the first olive oil to be approved for the USDA quality-monitoring program.  I made some spaghetti with oil and garlic (Aglio Et Olio). It’s a simple dish to prepare and one our whole family loves.  I started boiling water for  2 lbs of thin spaghetti and added  1 cup of Pompeian Extra Virgin Olive Oil and 12 cloves of minced garlic, to a pan. You can also slice the garlic cloves super thin but I like it minced because my kids eat it like that.  You add the garlic and the oil to the pan at the same time and toast it slowly this helps the garlic not to be too overwhelming.  When the pasta is cooking and the garlic is toasted you remove the garlic and oil from the heat and add two ladles of pasta water.  Then when your past is cooked, drain it and put it in a bowl, add your oil and garlic  along with fresh chopped Italian parsley, sea salt to taste, red pepper flakes if desired and freshly grated Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese.  Toss everything together and serve with additional grated Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese on top.










If you would like some recipe inspiration you can browse the  Pompeian Recipe Page.  “Like” Pompeian on Facebook for the latest news. Click the coupon below for $1 off and other Pompeian coupons. For more product & USDA quality monitoring information, click here.













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