Fall, What Fall?

A little ranting going on this morning and I am calling out all of the people who say that Fall is their most favorite time of the year.  They talk about warm, crisp days filled with apple picking, sipping pumpkin flavored beverages and jumping in piles of crunchy, colorful leaves.  Hayrides, picking pumpkins and just sitting and admiring the changing colors are all on their list of favorite things to do.  That’s all well and good unless you live in upstate New York.  We don’t have Fall most years, in fact the leaves start falling in July.  I can’t tell you how many colored Autumn leaves I find on my lawn all Summer.  In August the nights get cold enough that you put the heat on in the car at night and sweatshirts are required.  

Before even the official start of Autumn we have frost warnings, are using the heat and building roaring fires in our fireplaces.  Sure there are some days when we have a taste of true Autumn but never a season of it.  We seem to move from Summer right to Winter with a short stop at Autumn beginning late August.  My husband laughed when I told him that he needed to finish the new porch railings a few weeks ago because we would never get to  paint and stain if he didn’t because soon the snow would fly.  Let’s just say he’s not laughing now.

Saturday was so cold and windy we cancelled a family photo shoot due to the conditions.  Fall to me is one of the most depressing times of year, not true Fall but our Fall.  Everything dying, the thought of a Winter that lasts to late May (I kid you not it snowed mid May here last year), is not uplifting for me.  I love Spring (again if we had one) and Summer which is entirely too short since it ends mid August.  So far today looks fairly okay outside, so I will enjoy one of the last days of true Autumn even though it’s technically still Summer and better fit that pumpkin latte in quick before the chance passes me by.  That’s what you have to do when you live in the state of 2 seasons, Winter and Summer.

Enjoy some photos of Fall in upstate New York that I took in July (I jest a little). It is beautiful when we get one or two true days of Autumn.  











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