WOW-WalkOnWater Pad–A Great Summer Toy For Kids, Adults and Even Fido!!!

We still have a couple of weeks before school starts, I had hoped to bring you this earlier but the weather this summer has left much to be desired. Rain was an understatement and this soggy summer did not make for the ideal conditions for fun on the lake.  There were a few days and a brief heat wave week that we are grateful for but certainly wished the sun had shined a little more and that the clouds and raindrops would have taken a backseat.

We did get to try out a great new water toy.  The Wow-WalkOnWater Pad lets kids and adults even Fido have some floating, fun.




The WOW-WalkOnWater is the perfect choice to bring for fun to any  lake party or ocean activity. For water skiers the WOW is a Terrific Launch Platform. This is not just a kid’s toy –WalkOnWater Pad is also designed for adult parties, too.

The WOW Pad weighs less than 30 LBS and is brightly colored for great visibility. The Rolled Pad measures only two feet in diameter and can easily be transported. The regular Pad supports a distributed weight of 800 – 1,000 LBS. while the Jumbo Pad supports 1,400 – 1,600 LBS.

Made from cross linked foam – preferred for marine applications (such as off shore buoys) vs. non cross linked foam used in pool noodles.

Each WOW Pad comes with Velcro® straps to hold the rolled WOW Pad in place for easy storage, as well as mooring device which allows easy attachment to your boat, dock or pier. You can sit, walk, run or relax on this amazing pad. It is virtually maintenance free without the puncture worries that come with inflatable products. With proper care, it will give years of floating fun.













wowpad copy


You can order a WOW Pad direct from their website by clicking HERE!!!


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2 Responses to WOW-WalkOnWater Pad–A Great Summer Toy For Kids, Adults and Even Fido!!!

  1. Shelley P

    Your family looks like they had a blast! : ) What a cool product! I can’t believe it holds so much weight : ) I love the large area surface it has!

  2. Tina T

    That is really one of the coolest things ever! I don’t know how brave I would be but it sure looks like my kids would love it! It’s kinda like a pontoon boat/ surf board! Great review!

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