It’s Tea Time with Davidson’s Organics and Nature’s Bakery!!!

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I was recently asked to try some of Davidson’s Organics Tea and Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars.  After they arrived I arranged a little afternoon tea break. I was sent the Rooibos Spiced Chai Tea and an assortment of Nature’s Bakery All Natural Fig Bars. Rooibos (“red tea”) is harvested from shrubs grown in the high elevations of the cape regions of South Africa. Rooibos has a full-bodied, rounded character, a slight sweetness, and blends well with green tea, black tea, other herbs and spices. Enjoy this red tea based chai with just the right hint of sweetness and spices. Delicious with milk and sweetener. High in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, Rooibos is well-known for its numerous health benefits and calming effects. And it’s completely caffeine-free! The tea was delicious with just the right amount of spice.  The fig bars really surprised me and my guests with how scrumptious they were.   They were moist, chewy and full of flavor, the vanilla raspberry was my favorite but they were all delicious.  You can follow Davidson’s Organics Tea on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.  Connect with Nature’s Bakery on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

Tea Party


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2 Responses to It’s Tea Time with Davidson’s Organics and Nature’s Bakery!!!

  1. Amanda

    Yum! Your pictures make it look so good 🙂

  2. These look so delicious, I love figs they are so sweet naturally. I would definitely consider buying some of these bars.

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