Cherish Life!!!


I am sitting here on my porch swing, doing a little work and resting from just doing a photo shoot for some bathing suits, sunglasses and sunscreen we are reviewing.  My photo shoot went something like this, “Come on kids, the sun keeps going in and out and I am afraid it might rain.  Hurry, get these trunks on.  Luke, let me help you.  Oh my, how could these 4Ts be so big on you? They are never going to stay on.”

After trying safety pins and a multitude of other things it was just not going to work so we decided to just wing it and get this done in case it does rain.  Then the other part when we got down to the dock went something like this, “Okay, we have to make this quick, I still need to review the chainsaw.  Yes, you can put your feet in but you can’t go swimming.  Don’t throw the rocks, did you hear me?  Stop with the rocks, look over here, okay you can put your feet in and splash, don’t lean over that far! Okay take the sunglasses off, okay put them back on. Luke stop with the rocks!  Okay, I think I have enough, let’s go.  No, we have to go back to the house now, right now!”

So I am sitting here taking a stress break because frankly I have so much on my plate.  I mean I have articles to write for my editor, people to train,  customer service issues, plus all the reviews I need to finish and get up for this blog and of course being a mom and a wife and trying not to have a nervous breakdown and did I mention we are doing a dual birthday party for both little ones and we invited his entire pre-school and my other son’s kindergarten class.  No idea what we will do if the weather turns bad and due to what happened last year when I planned and planned for the party and had everything arranged and we had to change locations at the last-minute because it decided to rain, I am not really planning and that is now stressing me big time.

So back to the present, I am sitting here and on this very warm day, can still feel a cool breeze blowing in from the lake and my little guys are racing around and around the house on a race track (yes, we are the only people who probably have a race track that runs the entire perimeter of their house and garage.  So about every 1.5 minutes because it is pretty large my little guys pass in front of me.  and I smile and then I get sad.  I get sad because I think of all the petty things like I just mentioned above and more. How I could feel there is a lot on my plate when others have the weight of the world on their shoulders? How  could I worry about some rocks being thrown in the lake or a birthday party that should only be about kids having fun and in the end won’t notice if a certain decoration is up or if there was something missing. Then I feel guilt because I think of one of the women I work with who has a grandson fighting for his life and I think how much he would love to be riding around on a race track and I think of those friends that are dealing with kids with real challenges who may never walk or live independently and the struggles they have and well…it just makes all those little things feel incredibly small.


So if you know anyone going through some tough stuff, let them know you are thinking of them, if you pray say a prayer for them, if you live close offer some help, maybe a meal, a shoulder, a friend.  Also try to look at what is worrying you and put it in perspective so more time can be spent just cherishing the moments as they come.  Not building everything up so it has to be some Pinterest worthy event but relishing even in the small, messy, loud, moments that define our lives.  We never know what the future holds so don’t take one thing for granted ever!!!



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3 Responses to Cherish Life!!!

  1. Sharon Gilbert

    As they say Take time to Smell the roses! Live is to short enjoy each day! I loved reading your article and it brought back memories of when my kids were little. Hang in there…there is always tomorrow!

  2. Heather!

    Wise words. I often catch myself worrying about a problem I know so many other people would love to have. This is a great reminder to focus on the things you have, and to relax and appreciate them…especially when they are as as cute as your guys!

  3. Thank you for sharing this post I have been feeling too much weight myself lately. Its just so easy as a wife, mother and work bee to feel like it is all just too much at times. That is when you do need to stop and smell the roses so to speak.

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